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Take advantage of our expert knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

  • Binocs White Paper: Ultimate lab planning guide

    The ultimate guide for lab planning and scheduling digitalization

    This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know to successfully digitalize your laboratory planning and scheduling!
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  • Employee Retention whitepaper presenting a deep analysis of the costs and recommendations for how to reduce lab analyst turnover

    The hidden costs of employee turnover in pharmaceutical laboratories

    Learn the true cost of pharma lab analyst turnover and discover 27 recommendations for developing strategies to improve employee retention.
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  • A photo of the cover of our white paper on the importance of upfront planning when developing IT strategies for CGT

    Identifying the best IT strategy for cell and gene therapy commercialization

    Cell and gene therapy software solutions must meet unique requirements. Our experts discuss the best IT strategies for CGT commercialization.
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  • Binocs White Paper: Integrated quality assurance, a new approach pharmaceutical QA software integration

    Integrated quality assurance

    When it comes to Quality systems integration, pharmaceutical QA software often gets overlooked. This white paper proposes a new approach.
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  • A photo of the white paper

    Industrializing the next generation of cell and gene therapies

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  • Photo of the cover of the white paper

    Scaling CGT supply chains: from clinical to commercial

    Managing and scaling CGT supply chains and manufacturing operations is one of the biggest challenges. Our expert panel discusses solutions.
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  • Photo of the Binocs white paper

    The 5 principles of lean labs

    This must-have guide outlines 5 key principles to help you implement lean lab methodologies today and achieve immediate productivity gains!
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