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Make the most of the information that powers your Binocs experience

The information that you load into Binocs—demand details, test executions, sample campaigns, staff competencies, etc.—all represent valuable data points. We believe you should have easy access to it.

  • A performant digital twin: Binocs analytics draw on the data that mirrors your real world lab performance.
  • A unified data system: past trends are used to predict future performance.
  • Fully accessible: any data in Binocs can be explored and collated via our easy-to-use visual analysis editor or, for advanced users, standard SQL queries.
  • Move beyond purely operational data: Gain visibility on all aspects of your lab resources to fully optimize utilization.
  • Evidence-based enhancements: use information about real-world performance to update and refine master data estimates.

Achieve full operational clarity with embedded performance metrics

Binocs has been developed according to lean principles to help users input, find and extract the information they need with minimal effort.

  • Standard workspaces: Binocs comes packaged with a suite of easy-to-use, customizable dashboards and Gantt charts that help users visualize past and future KPIs.
  • Utilization overviews: easily visualize how working time is distributed across teams, methods, products, equipment, etc.
  • Role-specific landing pages: users can immediately view critical operational data relevant to their responsibilities directly on their Binocs home page, with easy navigation straight to the relevant section.
  • Visual task execution: fully color-coded, drag-and-drop Kanban interface makes activity management intuitive and ensures accurate and timely data entry.
  • Complete oversight at any level: readily track production batches from arrival to release and understand which batches are expected to be delayed so teams can take action before it’s too late.

Enhance your suite of KPIs with standardized Binocs KitBoxes™

Select from our ever-growing catalog of data dashboards and automation workflows, developed especially to support life science laboratories

  • Monitor performance in detail: drill-down into analyst, team, and equipment utilization rates to identify and share successful strategies.
  • Maintain and enhance service levels: track due date adherence, schedule adherence, and first time right rates and use demonstrated performance analyses to highlight operational bottlenecks or master data errors.
  • Predictive batch tracking: gain at-a-glance insights into the status of all active release and stability batches moving through your laboratory.
  • Keep training current: visually monitor the status of all time-limited qualifications to ensure retraining is scheduled before expiration, so capacity is maintained.
  • Automate workflows: enable additional automation to handle retesting requirements, equipment sharing, validation planning, and more.

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