E2E visibility on your R&D operations

Organize your entire project portfolio in one system to gain a clear overview of all R&D activities.

Integrates with your PPM tools

  • R&D operating model: automatically derive capacity requirements from the Project Portfolio Management System (PPM) using the R&D operating model.
  • Add operational layer to PPM library: this operating model is a mirror of the PPM library but adds an operational layer below the work packages. It’s the benchmark of how an R&D department works, its lead times and standard workload.
  • Generate demand automatically: Binocs generates resource capacity requirements automatically based on the operating model and specific project characteristics (e.g. bacterial vs. viral) repeatedly and on the fly.

Real-time visibility across project leads & scientists

  • Create visibility: when projects are added, changed, stopped or postponed it is visible to the organization and immediately reflected in capacity requirements.
  • Alert center & real-time feedback: Binocs uses a constraint based planning algorithm (resource availability and competence constraints) and raises alarms when activities cannot be performed within the requested timeframe. That means immediate feedback for project leads and scientists.

Immediate insights with ‘what-if’ scenarios

  • Identify root causes: Unabsorbed project peaks, not enough scientists or just a massive overload in the pre-clinical phases? Functions will see the root causes of resource capacity problems immediately in Binocs.
  • Identify the best way forward: propose realistic solutions and action plans to your team and your management. What-if scenarios are easy and fast, you’ll run most of them instantly yourself. No need to wait for the expert.

Performance tracking and prediction made simple

  • Learn from the past: Binocs measures planning adherence as well as resource utilization and throughput.
  • See the future: Binocs will tell you what the expected planning adherence and resource utilization KPIs are for the coming weeks, months and quarters.

Binocs seamlessly integrates with

  • labware
  • qlims

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