A single source of truth for all your work requests

All your demand, automatically processed for confident monitoring

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Effortlessly manage demand from all sources in one hub

Seamlessly combine automated work requests with manual additions to provide full transparency on future capacity requirements

  • Third party sources: our zero-code integration allows work items to easily be imported from external systems such as LIMS, ERP, QMS and MS Project.
  • Routine and non-routine: in addition to sample testing, users can manually add other tasks, such as instrument calibration, cleaning activities, employee training and meetings.
  • A range of work types: create standard work tasks in line with your test methods, allowing automated calculation of time requirement, or use expertise mode to dynamically block out a fixed amount of hours or FTEs.
  • Forecast vs tracking: set demand items for forecasting only or assign to tracking mode, to clearly indicate which work requires follow-up.

Minimize manual workload management

Binocs demand management allows end-to-end automation based on your exacting requirements

  • Automate complexity: allow Binocs to automatically process your incoming work requests from all sources based on business rules that you define.
  • Digitize your day-to-day operations: translate your test plans into an automated engine with clear visual algorithms that end users can set up and maintain with ease.
  • Custom templates: create template demand structures for the easy addition of standardized (but not routine) tasks, such as test validation.
  • Integrated Gantt:¬†gain at-a-glance insights into upcoming workload while creating or updating demand structures with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
  • Real time syncing: status of tracking items updated immediately from Schedule and vice versa.

No ambiguity, no confusion

The Binocs Demand Management suite has been designed for ease-of-use at all stages

  • Clear structure: organize your demand into separate workstreams for ease of navigation.
  • Work categorization: use nested folders, custom tagging and milestones to intuitively structure your demand.
  • Unambiguous work status: visual management lets you know, at-a-glance, precisely the type and status of your tasks.
  • Rapid search and filter:¬†effortlessly identify specific demand items based on name, ID code, tag values, status, type, and much more.
  • Complete integration with visualizations: use demand channels as a source of data for performance management, including capacity forecast reports and fully customizable Gantt charts.

Optimize your lab operations

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