Industrializing the next generation of cell and gene therapies

Scaling CGT operations is critical to meet the growing demand for treatment.

20% of cancer patients who are eligible for CAR-T therapies pass away while waiting for a manufacturing slot.

Although companies are increasing their capacity, they are simultaneously expanding the volume and range of therapies they offer at a faster rate.

Scaling CGT manufacturing capacity to meet increasing demand significantly amplifies operational complexity.

With more assets to manage, greater variation in protocols and an increased need for clear and timely communication between stakeholders, CGT teams are confronted with a growing list of logistical hurdles. How can the industry enhance operations to ensure no eligible patients are left untreated?

To find out, we assembled an expert panel of CGT developers, a CDMO and a treatment center to discuss their most urgent challenges and how they are working to solve them.

In this whitepaper, you will learn from our panel of experts how they are:

  • Managing complex operations and communicating information between developers, CDMOs and healthcare facilities
  • Addressing key challenges associated with scheduling and rescheduling batch manufacturing and patient care
  • Managing exceptions in slot allocation to minimize the impact on planned activities
  • Managing capacity across manufacturing networks and maximizing opportunities to treat patients
  • Simplifying IT processes to optimize CGT service delivery

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A photo of the white paper "Industrializing the next generation of cell and gene therapies", in which experts discuss the challenges and solutions inherent in scaling CGT operations