Consumer packed goods

Industry introduction

With a global pandemic, changing consumer behaviors, labor shortages, increasing costs, and renewed geopolitical risk, the CPG industry has not been having an easy time lately. On top of all this, the industry has always been under pressure to deliver ever better customer experiences.

The main challenges we see for CPG supply chains

Close up of a courier person making a delivery to a customer at home. Providing a swift express delivery straight into customer's hands

Surging demand variability

There’s an unending battle between speed and quality that forces organizations to cope with variability and volatility while assuring they can keep up with demand.

This means they need to adapt their planning capabilities and develop new strategies to be ready for multiple scenarios.

Programmers cooperating at IT company developing apps

Changing business models

Shifting business models are raising new questions.

Product versus service, offline versus online, value versus price–such complex questions will not have simple answers.

Business men in a dark room standing in front of a large data display

Data as a cornerstone to success

Data foundations are still fragile.

Building a strong (master) data management approach means allowing organizations to efficiently handle data volume, variability, and complexity.

Man working in a warehouse via digital tablet

Visibility and agility

Supply shortages, global shocks, logistical crises.

Only when everyone across the entire organization can see how their work impacts the end-to-end process can customer service improve.

Business partners in meeting.

Customer centricity

Customers want to be heard but not everyone is ready or equipped to listen.

A value-, data-, and experience- driven approach is needed to fully understand customer expectations.

Speed, flexibility, reliability and transparency are examples of key values that drive and shape consumer experience.

How we help the CPG industry

  • Customer-centric organizations

    With our laser-focused supply chain expertise, digital technologies, and industry knowledge, we help leading CPG companies to move from customer thinking to customer doing.

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  • E2E planning transformation

    Our planning experts help to design and implement end-to-end planning capabilities to deliver a step-change in service and cost

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  • Perfect fulfillment

    In a fast-moving environment, we team up and improve fulfillment processes to respond to change and deliver with confidence.

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  • Digital supply chain twin (Axon)

    Our Axon digital supply chain twin SaaS technology enables CPG companies to create end-to-end visibility and build resiliency.

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  • Plant effectiveness

    Based on a clear vision, indisputable data, and harmonized processes, our operations consultants help your plants to improve performance.

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  • Supply chain systems

    Whether you see things from the business side or the technology side, we help both to work together by capturing the value of new supply chain technology and building tomorrow’s value chains.

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