Industry introduction

The Pharma industry is changing fast. No matter if you are in big pharma, midsized pharma, vaccines, large or small molecules, branded pharma or generics, all companies face distinct challenges, and the pandemic has only increased the visible role of the industry in today’s world. Shifts to more data-driven approaches across the value chain, greater collaborations internally and externally, digital transformation, and advancing CEO priorities are driving the change.

The main challenges we see for pharma supply chains

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One demand

Multiple versions of demand exist depending on the audience (finance, commercial, supply chain).

These versions each have their own distinct purpose, but there surely needs to be a single consensus driving the end-to-end business.

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Digital across the value chain and back

Horizontal and vertical collaboration both with suppliers and their CMOs is key.

Time to get your digital roadmap up to speed and connected across the value chain.

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Network planning orchestration

Pharma supply chains are complex, with flows consisting of multiple stages performed at different sites.

Orchestration across that network is critical to ensure the right product is available at the right time and at the right location.

Scattered master data

Scattered master data

The industry is in constant flux, with lots of mergers and acquisitions. The resulting inefficient system integrations are a source of scattered master data.

As a crucial piece of the planning puzzle, master data stewardship is not yet embedded across supply chains, manufacturing, finance and quality.

Pharmaceutical industry and drug manufacturing

Stringent regulatory requirements

To be successful, pharma companies need to move beyond ‘compliance’.

Leveraging the capabilities that they have already built and invested-in (such as serialization) and turn them into a competitive advantage.

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Advanced therapies

Innovative solutions for new therapies are emerging rapidly, changing the way traditional pharma supply chains operate (e.g. vein-to-vein value chains).

Building and introducing new ‘supply runways’ in parallel to managing the lifecycle of existing portfolios is key.

How we help the pharma industry

  • E2E planning transformation

    Our pharma planning experts help to shape, drive and implement end-to-end planning orchestration to increase performance and build new capabilities.

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  • Integrated network operations

    We help pharma companies with the integration of CMOs and other external partners as part of their (own) value chain.

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  • Cold chain management

    We help our customers set up effective cold chain models and processes to ensure that product conditions are kept within optimal ranges and desired states are maintained from start to finish.

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  • Patient-specific supply chains

    Operating a supply chain to deliver patient-specific treatments is substantially different from traditional (pharmaceutical) supply chains. We help to build the patient-specific supply chains of the future.

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  • Lab planning and scheduling (Binocs)

    Our Binocs SaaS solution is used by leading companies in the industry to plan and schedule pharmaceutical labs, and to plan cell and gene therapy treatments.

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  • Digital supply chain twin (Axon)

    Our Axon SaaS solution enables global pharma companies to properly understand, react to, and improve their supply chains by creating a true digital supply chain twin of their value chain operations.

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