Working at Bluecrux

What makes us different?

At Bluecrux, we’re proud of the way we work. From friendly gestures to seeing the bigger picture together. All the things that set us apart, and binds us together. And what binds us, is what we’re not. No slide ‘n go, no figure out yourself, no one size fits all.

No, that is not the way we do things around here. Our approach, our attitude: it’s visibly different.
A culture that grew along the way, but has manifested itself in every single beecee. Vision, ownership, openness & pragmatism. These are the words and beliefs we adhere to.

All the things that make us… us. We can grow another 100 or 1000 people, we will never let that go.

We stay true. True to who we are, and how we work. Together. True to our words. True to us.

Truly Bluecrux.

Globally represented

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What thrives us

Never afraid, we keep moving fast and forward

Quick on your feet and ready to go, that’s how you keep up with Bluecrux business. A fast-growing company, where you grow along. That means long-term projects, but also switching roles, joint thinking and flexible teamwork. We want you to learn, explore, fail and get up. Keep moving forward, together with your team and our customers.

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No surface level strategy, we dig deep for bottom line impact

You work out customized solutions for niche industries. Whether that means implementing a new source code or identifying bottlenecks. Get to know what others don’t, search for the smallest details. Question and investigate, get to the bottom of things. That’s how you’ll come to understand and develop yourself as a true value chain professional.

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Don’t pass the buck, we commit and own our work

As of day one, it’s up to you! To take part and take credit. From strategy to implementation, you’ll help transform static supply chains into fully integrated value chains. Either with in-house technologies or expert skills, you’ll make the deepest level of impact. The kind of ownership that puts you in complete control of your work, and your career.

2Working at Bluecrux, image of employee chatting with another at his desk

No flying solo, we’re all in this together

Although some of us are miles and miles apart, we still feel connected. Through our culture, our values and the traits in which we recognize our fellow beecees. No room for fancy suits or big words here, just honest laughs and candid smiles. Sure, we all have our manners and talents, and chase individual ambitions. Still, the ‘us’ tops the ‘I’ in the end.

2Bluecrux teambuilding

No cold hearts, we’re kind and care for one another

If there’s one thing to be set in stone, let it be this: those in need, need only ask. We are typically open, empathic and we’re quick to jump in and help. From little friendly gestures to the really tough calls, that’s just how we treat each other here. Hell yes, we’ll say it like it is, but we always do it with respect and kindness for one another.

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How we are improving our global impact


We are building a movement, together with our clients. But that’s not all. We also want to be an inspirational movement for the Bluecrux community. With our ‘Because We Care’-initiative, founded in 2018, we want to actively recognize our impact on and responsibility towards our Bluecrux workforce, in the broader society and towards the environment. With this initiative, we aim to leverage the impact we can have to inspire others.


We strive to be a responsible consumer of our planet’s limited resources by measuring the impact we have and to use that as input for conscious and effective choices in our daily operations.

Employee wellbeing

We support a healthy, engaged & fun work environment, where everyone can be(come) the best version of themselves, speak their mind and is recognized for their talent.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We strive to create, nurture and sustain a diverse, open and inclusive community where we embrace, respect, value and treat everyone equally. Nothing more, nothing less.