Patient-specific supply chains

The importance of patient specific supply chains

Every human being consists of cells and each cell holds genetic material or DNA. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with that DNA, a section can be missing or otherwise compromised. Patient-specific treatments cure diseases by modifying (strengthening) or correcting (cutting & pasting) parts of a patient’s DNA.

Challenges we tackle together

Operating a supply chain to deliver patient-specific treatments is substantially different from traditional (pharmaceutical) supply chains and require a fundamentally different planning and operational approach. We help to build such patient-specific supply chains.

  • Planning concept design for patient specific supply chains

    Rethink your supply chain processes in function of new and patient-specific requirements.

  • Cell and gene therapy (CGT) planning & scheduling software

    Use our Binocs SaaS solution to bring real-time visibility to CGT operations, improve efficiency, and ensure patient slot allocations.

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  • Patient-specific distribution systems

    Work with our consulting team to install the right distribution systems, outside-in and fit-for-purpose.

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