Industrial manufacturing

Industry introduction

Industrial manufacturing is a key building block of society. It has evolved over the centuries, and continues to evolve despite significant labor and supply chain challenges. New tech-based entrants, the decoupling of global value chains, the shift to net zero. Each trend forces manufacturing companies to search for ways and tools to mitigate new risks and maximize new opportunities.

Challenges we see for industrial manufacturing supply chains

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Changing global supply chains

Changing international dynamics, increasing competition and emerging trends are making supply chains subject of uncertainty and volatility in rapidly changing market conditions.

Many manufacturing companies struggle to make high quality decisions in a well-informed way in such fast-paced environment.

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Future of work

Attracting and retaining the right talent is more crucial and at the same time more difficult than ever before.

Managing and planning workforce should be on the radar of any manufacturing company.

Those that can will come out ahead.

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Digital adoption

Industry 4.0 is high on the agenda of many COOs.

But the acquisition of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and digital twins, does not happen in a vacuum.

Companies need to translate their vision into actionable roadmaps, real projects and tangible results.

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Industry players are required to accelerate their efforts and resources in advancing sustainability.

Clearly measured by new and non-financial metrics, making it a priority for competitiveness.

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Commoditization and cost

Competition and commoditization are putting pressure on prices and margins.

Manufacturing companies need to continuously look to optimize efficiency and reduce working capital.

Improving supply chain costs throughout the supply chain.

The focused solutions we offer

  • Plant effectiveness

    Our consulting teams jump in and help manufacturing companies to improve output, service, and reliability with performance turnaround that transforms an individual plant into a network high-performer.

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  • Integrated network optimization

    We help global manufacturers integrate their internal and external network as part of one end-to-end operating value chain.

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  • Smart planning optimization

    Together with our customers we launch laser-focused improvement programs in the area of supply chain planning by increasing planning performance day-by-day and building long-term planning excellence.

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  • Digital supply chain twin (Axon)

    Our Axon digital supply chain twin SaaS technology enables manufacturing companies to gain better visibility of their operations and optimize end-to-end margins.

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  • Connected Planning with Anaplan

    We help manufacturing companies to connect supply chain planning with financial and commercial planning by leveraging Anaplan technology, our partner and leader in connect planning.

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