Gain a birds-eye view of your entire supply chain

To properly understand, react to and improve your supply chain, you need full end-to-end visibility of all your value chain operations, with intelligent insights based on the most up-to-date information.

Axon has got you covered. With its state-of-the-art digital supply chain twin, you can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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3 key solutions
to enhance your supply chain

  • End-to-end visibility

    Lead-time adherence, Axon

    Axon Observe is the must-have solution for achieving full end-to-end visibility over every level of your network.

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  • Probabilistic simulation

    Simulation output, Axon

    Axon Decide empowers you to bring those insights to life in a fully operational simulation environment.

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  • SC control tower

    Axon performance dashboard

    Axon Control helps you to navigate your supply chain operations via intelligent analysis and insights.

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Win with your data

  • +50%
    workload saving
    within 6 months
  • -30%
    E2E lead time reduction
    within 1 year
  • +9%
    cost reduction
    within 1 year

Set up your digital twin in no time!

1. Sync your virtual twin

Axon collates, harmonizes and connects your existing data streams to help you to harness their true value and develop a personalized digital supply chain twin.

2. Gain end-to-end visibility

Achieve true supply chain insights with up-to-date monitoring to evaluate operational performance and track adherence to targets and benchmarks.

3. Get smart parameters

Turbocharge your reference data and synchronize with your APS to generate demonstrated performance metrics.

4. Run probabilistic simulations

Explore alternative configurations to calculate the likelihood of successfully executing different scenarios, with real time threat analysis and proposed alternative options.

5. Monitor the control tower

Gain a bird’s eye view of all your digital supply chain twin operations and let the technology work for you by identifying critical issues in real time.

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