Streamline, standardize, harmonize

Manage standard work, lead times, and staff training with global benchmarking

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Track key processes and people

Binocs allows you to configure your virtual setup to reflect your real laboratory

  • Standard work: our customizable approach allows you to replicate and standardize complex tasks such as test methods in clear alignment with SOPs.
  • Real-world parameters: configure standard tasks with measured lead times, sequencing and device assignment, and realistic scaling for batch processing of samples.
  • Smart personnel and equipment planning: configure resources according to availability and suitability for specific tasks, including training levels
  • Complete organizational setup: define team, lab, and departmental hierarchies across sites, regions and countries, with independent parameter settings for each.
  • Comprehensive user management: detailed and easy-to-use user privileges give admins the power to quickly assign and alter feature availability for specific individuals.

Benchmark your master data

Use real-world results to refine your master data and harmonize across teams

  • Standard work lead times: configure test methods using existing data and then review against performance in Binocs KPIs to refine estimates.
  • Harmonize and standardize: identify common tasks across teams and establish aligned parameters to facilitate actionable and comparable KPI setting.
  • Share personnel: readily reassign team members to a different unit at any time, for any duration and FTE.
  • Cross-training: our intuitive competence matrix not only informs the system who is trained to do which tasks but allows at-a-glance identification of gaps to help guide opportunities for cross-training.
  • Manage time-limited qualifications: the Binocs Retraining Monitor allows teams to identify retraining needs before qualifications expire.

Ensure your operations meet the highest standards

Build SOPs and Quality processes directly into your digital twin

  • Quality-compliant processes: define constraints-based plans for each test method, such as automatically requiring that analysis and validation tasks are assigned to different team members.
  • Guaranteed competence: by maintaining your competence matrix, you can ensure that no team members will ever be assigned to perform work for which they are not qualified.
  • Non-standard activities: easily plan critical maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and calibration, to ensure both equipment and personnel are not assigned to other work and tasks can be completed.

Optimize your lab operations

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