The ultimate guide for lab planning and scheduling digitalization

How to successfully digitalize your laboratory planning and scheduling

The landscape of biopharmaceutical lab operations has drastically evolved in the last decade. Long gone are the days of unconstrained, unlimited budgets and long R&D projects with flexible deadlines. Pharmaceutical companies must develop drugs faster than ever before by using their resources more efficiently and by trying to avoid capacity bottlenecks before they happen.

In this guide, we’ll give you insights and instructions to successfully digitalize your laboratory planning and scheduling:


  • The future of pharma QC labs and the importance of lab digitalization
  • Why Excel is outdated and not cost- efficient for resource management
  • How to optimize your QC lab resource planning in six steps
  • How to retain your most valuable asset: lab analysts
  • Use case: building your business case for lab automation using a digital performance twin
  • How to choose the right lab resource planning & scheduling software

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