Integrated quality assurance

A systems-level approach to resolving your biggest QA headaches

Pharmaceutical QA departments exist at a critical nexus of different functions in the drug production supply chain, ultimately acting as the gatekeepers for the final release-to-market process.

Delays in the Quality pipeline can have lasting impacts on both manufacturing and distribution timelines, which can present significant risks to a company’s commercial commitments.

Despite their important role, QA teams are often sidelined in digital transformation and tech transfer strategy, with priority given to departments that traditionally have a more direct interface with digital technologies.

In this white paper, we consider some of the most common pain points that lead to delays in the QA process and present a range of solutions grounded in Industry 4.0 principles.

Download our report to find out how embracing digital transformation and systems-level thinking can help to reduce:

  • Deviation reporting bottlenecks
  • Low right first time rates
  • Upstream delays
  • Workload volatility
  • Capacity issues
  • Operational variability
  • Communication barriers
  • Batch prioritization conflicts
  • Information silos

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Binocs White Paper: Integrated quality assurance, a new approach pharmaceutical QA software integration