Identifying the best IT strategy for cell and gene therapy commercialization

Developing a sound IT strategy is critical to successfully commercializing your CGT product.

By 2030, more than 340,000 patients in the US will have been treated with cell and gene therapy products. By 2025, the FDA expects to be approving 10-20 Biologics License Applications every year.

The CGT industry has many unique requirements of its IT landscape not shared by other areas of drug development and not all cell and gene companies have the same resources as Big Pharma to dedicate to such IT initiatives.

Those that have already undertaken their own data infrastructure programs have a lot of lessons to share with the wider community that will help the rapidly growing sector keep pace with exploding demand.

We assembled an expert panel of CGT developers, a CDMO and a software vendor to discuss the best strategies for implementing the integrated software systems that will support the commercialization of advanced therapies.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The criteria CGT companies should prioritize
    when choosing the best software solutions
  • The role of third party vendors, SaaS and PaaS in the advanced therapies IT ecosystem
  • The challenges of managing data across an integrated application landscape, including the role of data lakes
  • The challenges of integrating multiple systems into a platform for coordinating internal and external processes

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