Scaling CGT supply chains: from clinical to commercial

Deliver personalized therapies to more patients

Even though there are currently five approved CAR-T products in the market, the industry is still in the early phase of development and a number of key challenges for industrializing advanced therapies have not yet been addressed. One of these challenges is to manage and scale CGT supply chains and manufacturing operations across the globe for an individualized treatment.

During the Binocs User Meeting in October 2021, we hosted a panel of experts in the field to highlight the current challenges in scaling up interconnected supply chain and manufacturing operations for CGT products.

In this whitepaper, you will learn from our panel of experts:

  • What IT and manufacturing strategies to adopt
  • How to define rules for scheduling & manufacturing slot allocation
  • How to manage capacity between internal manufacturing & external CDMOs
  • How to effectively communicate my day-to-day operations to supply chain and logistics partners
  • And much moreā€¦


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Photo of the cover of the white paper "Scaling CGT supply chains from clinical to commercial"