Industry introduction

As digital technologies, new commercial models and other fields continue to converge, the nature of medtech is shifting. To secure their place in the changing ecosystem medtech companies have to prioritize using innovation to disrupt before they are themselves disrupted by their competitors. This includes accelerated moves in supply chain management to increase resiliency and to design supply chain strategies for the future.

The main challenges we see for medtech supply chains

Mature female doctor cooperating with an entrepreneur while working on a computer during a meeting with their colleagues in the office.

Managing complexity

A move to connected and personalized solutions needs to be merged with the continuous pressure to reduce costs and asset intensity.

That’s a lot of moving parts to manage.

Back view of administrators having a meeting with medical experts in the hospital.

Visibility and resilience

As COVID-19 has demonstrated, medtech supply chains need to step up in terms of creating greater visibility.

Integrating suppliers and other partner networks, providing better end-to-end resilience.

Team of doctors and businessmen communicating while having a meeting at doctor's office in the hospital.

Supporting growth

Beyond its traditional role of ensuring efficient supply, medtech CEOs are expecting the supply chain to become a growth engine.

Enabling new business models and advancing patient – and customer – centricity.

Business woman study financial market to calculate possible risks and profits

Cost effectiveness

Performance and operational excellence will continue to drive the agenda of almost every company in the industry.

A must-do that will determine competitive positioning in an ambitious market.

Business Corporate team brainstorming with chart and checking and analysis

Risk management

The surging increase in supply chain risk factors requires a rigorous structure to identify, anticipate, and absorb external variability and shocks.

Keeping them in focus is critical to stand tall in a market prone to change.

How we help the medtech industry

  • Smart planning optimization

    We help medtech companies to achieve long-term planning excellence by improving performance, processes, and KPIs at every step of their journey.

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  • Customer-centric organization

    With our dedicated supply chain expertise, digital technologies, and transformation knowledge, we help leading companies across the industry to move from customer thinking to customer doing.

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  • Perfect fulfillment

    In a highly regulated environment, our specialized consultants help to anticipate distribution issues, respond to change and deliver with confidence.

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  • Supply chain systems

    Whether you see things from the business side or the technology side, we help both to work together. Capture the value of new supply chain systems and turn today’s supply chains into tomorrow’s value chains.

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  • Lab planning and scheduling (Binocs)

    Our Binocs SaaS software is used by leading medtech companies to plan and schedule their QC and R&D labs.

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  • Digital supply chain twin (Axon)

    Our Axon digital supply chain twin (DSCT) technology enables medtech companies to create end-to-end visibility across their supply chain and build resiliency.

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