Integrated network operations

Make your supply chain network work for you

Managing a supply chain network is a formidable task. You need to blend stability with flexibility in order to build tomorrow’s reality, today.

With our focused expertise and fit-for-purpose approach, you’ll improve performance within a more integrated whole.

The Cutting X - Integrated network operations

Challenges we tackle

  • More resilient networks

    Strive towards a flexible and stable network, where risk mitigation and control results in better response to disruptions

  • Effective network configuration

    Execute external and internal network changes in a scalable network setup and make the right product and partner decisions

  • Integrated and collaborative networks

    Break silo thinking across nodes by adopting common systems and processes, with installed common drivers and KPI’s

  • Real network visibility

    Improve quality, output and cost with network dashboards and root-cause insights

Bluecrux has been a catalyst in accelerating horizontal integration and digital collaboration in our external manufacturing space.
Diego Quilis Rivetti
Digital Supply Chain Transformation Director at Johnson & Johnson

Transformation services

Discover how we can improve your performance within a more integrated whole, with our focused expertise and fit-for-purpose approach.

Car Factory: Female Project Manager Talks to Male Automotive Engineer, Plan Strategy Using Tablet Computer. Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Production Conveyor Manufacturing Electric Vehicles

Thrive in a world of uncertainty and variability

  • Network strategy
  • Network redesign
  • Fulfilment strategy & implementation
Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Team of Innovative Industrial Engineers Use Computer and 3D Printer to Build Complex Component. Group of Scientists Use High-Tech Machinery for Futuristic Design

Multi-enterprise collaboration is the future

  • Partner selection & integration
  • Network process integration
  • Multi-enterprise technology implementation
  • New collaboration models
Mid adult CEO and his colleagues working on laptop in the office.

Constant network changes require meticulous methods

  • Product transfers
  • Post-merger integration
  • Carve outs
Mechanic And Female Engineer Talking in Factory

Make better decisions across your network

  • Network visibility
  • Network analytics
  • Network performance

Why Bluecrux?

At the forefront of technology

We are a frontrunner in network of networks, co-creating with Gartner control tower and a scaling approach.

Fit-for-purpose approach

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. We have a co-develop mentality, with our in-house digital transformation skills.

Collaborative mindset

We play an intermediary role between different stakeholders to optimize alignment across silos.

Broad supply chain knowledge

We have a deep knowledge of and experience with the entire supply chain: make, plan, source, deliver, and QA.

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