Integrated Business Planning

The importance of Integrated Business Planning

Too many companies think and work in silos. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is designed to establish effective and end-to-end decision-making. Including all stakeholders from commercial, supply chain, finance, new product introduction, and executive management.

It allows you to plan and steer your entire organization over a 24-36 month horizon, aligning strategic and tactical plans. Allocating critical resources to satisfy your customers in the most optimal way.

Challenges we tackle together

Aligning an organization across different functions into a common end-to-end process may sound easy but we promise you it isn’t. To facilitate this alignment, we promote a mindset of fact-based decision making enabled by true scenario management.

  • IBP process design

    Leverage best practices to design a high quality integrated business planning process that fits your organization.

  • Organizational alignment

    Develop the right organizational roles and capabilities to enable end-to-end decision making.

  • Tool selection and implementation

    Our knowledge base is at your disposal to install the best technology to support your IBP process.

  • Business transformation and adoption

    Make sure all different organizational layers are engaged and aligned around the end-to-end process.

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