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Slash planning times with the advanced
Binocs laboratory scheduling algorithm

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Automatically schedule all your critical assets

Our smart scheduling system is optimized with artificial intelligence to generate detailed workplans weeks in advance

  • Optimize your schedule: our AI-enabled algorithm helps you to maximize due date adherence and resource utilization across your team.
  • Shorten turnaround times: release critical batches faster, while adhering to regulatory requirements such as on-time stability testing.
  • Your digital twin: easily define your personnel and equipment characteristics to ensure schedules reflect your team’s real-world availability and competencies.
  • Built with labs in mind: fully configurable to meet the complex needs of laboratory task dependencies (activity sequencing, independent double checks, time sensitivity, etc.).
  • Your way of working: enable weekly, daily or shift-based schedule plans to match the cadence of your team’s typical activities.
Binocs Daily Schedule-Schedule Board

The Planner stays in control

The Binocs co-bot works with you to generate optimized schedules—but your human planner always has the last word

Binocs AI-enabled scheduling
  • Save time: let Binocs automatically handle recurrent planning work so you can focus on those issues that need a human touch.
  • Make refinements: real-time analysis of the automated schedule facilitates manual modifications to task assignments.
  • Custom activities: easily add non-testing duties and recurring tasks to the schedule (project activities, meetings, training, etc.).
  • Simple rescheduling: keep pace with changing priorities—lock confirmed tasks and automatically replan activities based on updated information.
  • Here to help: Binocs offers suggestions, warnings and embedded statistics as required to support your manual modifications.

Matching your reality

We constantly review and enhance our Scheduling module with input from our user community to ensure that our co-bot is optimized for the real world

  • Have confidence: Binocs can easily handle the scheduling of retests, either based on manual intervention or via automated integration with LIMS.
  • Track Progress: track the progress of batches across teams and identify when they are ready for QA review before final release.
  • Transparent communication: use flexible commenting to notify your team of practical issues (e.g. flag/resolve equipment failures, identify unavailable samples, etc.).
  • Planning hub: be notified if team tasks are overdue or haven’t yet been marked as completed to ensure that Binocs reflects the physical state of your lab.
  • Functional specializations: use Binocs to guarantee that certain tasks are assigned to a dedicated project group or sub-team.
Binocs Daily Schedule-Campaign Details

Automate your lab scheduling

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