Improve your cell and gene therapy journey

Execute your CGT patient journey in real-time. Deliver life-saving therapies to more patients.

Schedule patient journeys with confidence

  • Provide real-time dates for collection and treatment to Healthcare Providers (HCPs) from an integrated platform.
  • Schedule a patient journey instantly, automatically and informed by real-time capacity (internal or CDMOs) and logistics constraints.
  • Provide a view of most feasible dates and time for apheresis and actual available manufacturing slots.
  • Binocs automatically calculates the expected delivery date, so you can make accurate estimations and communicate effectively with your clients.
Daily schedule - schedule board | Binocs | CGT
Alert center | Binocs

Resolve resource conflicts and get feedback in real time

  • Visualize & manage the impact of variability and resolve conflicts raised in the alert center.
  • ‘Advanced Tetris’ feature to optimize manufacturing efficiency & asset utilization, while assuring complete adherence to schedule.
  • Effortlessly reschedule patients with continuous clarity on resource conflicts and bottlenecks.

Orchestrate the entire supply chain

  • Track progress and get real-time visibility across your different patient batches and products.
  • Define and manage routes to transport patient specific material in real-time.
  • Seamlessly connect to your internal systems including ERP, MES, LIMS and others.
  • Improve your Patient journey platforms (for instance TrakCel and others) by automated synchronization with Binocs.
Dynamic planning timeline | Binocs
What-if scenarios | Binocs

Forecast & scale with confidence

  • Easily manage co-ordination across multiple hospitals and manufacturing facilities to support commercialization.
  • Manage and track orders across commercial and clinical assets.
  • Look months or even years into the future and make fact-based decisions for the best way forward.

More than 1500 labs use Binocs globally

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What Binocs covers for cell & gene therapy

Schedule various therapies

Schedule your team members and equipment required to deliver various therapies. Whether they are autologous or allogeneic therapies, Binocs can take the specificities of each therapy into account and ensures that only competent and available resources are assigned.

Dynamic slot allocation

Binocs provides a real-time view on available apheresis and manufacturing slots. Health care providers can view per therapy which slots are available to them and book new patients with the glimpse of an eye. Binocs takes into account various factors across the supply chain e.g. transportation lanes and shelf life of the collection material.

Patient order confirmation workflow

Whether you want to enter new orders directly into Binocs or interface with orchestration platforms like TrakCel, Binocs allows you to configure the patient order confirmation workflow to your needs.

Predictive patient delivery

Binocs provides accurate estimations of the final drug product delivery date based on the manufacturing planning. Communicate in a transparent way with your clients and health care providers, so the patient can be treated with additional treatments before infusion day.

Manufacturing facility allocation

Do you have multiple manufacturing facilities, or do you want to increase your capacity in collaboration with a CDMO? Binocs will automatically determine to which manufacturing site a patient batch should be assigned based on resource availabilities and configurable business rules.

QC release scheduling

Don’t merely schedule your manufacturing activities, but also understand the workload on your QC team when booking new patient batches. Binocs allows you to manage the Manufacturing and QC teams separately, while keeping both schedules aligned.

QA review scheduling

Ensure QA has the required availability to release the final product for infusion aligned with the promised delivery date.

Multi-product management

Define the recipe for each of your therapies in Binocs with just a few clicks. Binocs has proven to handle the specificities of different therapy types—like patient specific therapies, donor-based therapies or therapies requiring multiple cell collections.

Binocs can schedule your full therapy portfolio managing the capacity for engineering runs, clinical trials and commercial products.

Internal & external exception handling

Understand the impact of various disruptions caused by the variability of a typical supply chain in cell & gene therapy. What happens if the apheresis is delayed? Is there availability to restart a patient batch if the cell quality is not meeting expectations? What is the impact of requiring additional expansion days for your cells? Binocs answers these questions for you and supports to resolve conflicts that are caused by disruptions in the supply chain.

Slot change/cancellation management

Reschedule patient batches and manage cancellations inside Binocs or through integration with your Treatment Center Platform. Let Binocs tell you if cancelled slots can be utilized for other patient batches, engineering runs, team member training or maintenance of your equipment.

Algoritmic equipment and clean room allocation

Binocs assigns specific equipment (e.g. bioreactors, incubators, clean rooms) when creating your schedule. Ask Binocs to consider additional activities like periodic calibrations and planned shutdowns to increase your equipment utilization while adhering to regulations.

Visual master data management

Build any type of report on top of the Binocs data or use one of the many out-of-the-box reports to manage your end-to-end value chain in cell & gene therapy.

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