Your quality operations optimized

A fully-featured solution for QC and QA capacity management and resource scheduling.

Optimize on-time delivery

Expecting delivery bottlenecks in the mid to long-term? Binocs software lets you visually manage your planning and find solutions. Run what-if scenarios based on real data to assess and discuss different scenarios.

  • Get the full demand picture: capture all sources of demand (internal, external, project, validation, and other work).
  • Know what’s coming, well in advance: horizon in weeks, months or even years.
  • Be better prepared: easily verify if you can take up any extra work: will we have enough capacity?
  • Use Binocs in decision making: what-if we accept an additional order? What-if we outsource? External staffing?
Binocs: Capacity forecast
Binocs Daily Schedule-Schedule Board

Increase lab and QA record review efficiency

Binocs automatically and intelligently combines samples in campaigns to maximize resource utilization rates.

  • Optimal schedule, in a click of a button: assign resources optimally to confirmed tests.
  • Tailored to how you work: schedule on weekly, daily or shift basis.
  • Digital lean: digital planning whiteboard & automates combining samples into campaigns.
  • An scheduling algorithm, specifically designed for labs.

Achieve operational excellence

Get insights into analyst & equipment utilization rates, time spent testing, as well as past and future due date adherence on batch & sample level.

  • Learn from the past, anticipate the future, in real-time.
  • Out-of-the box, best-practice dashboards and workflows.
  • KPIs were never this easy (utilization, productivity, due date adherence and batch release tracker).
Binocs Schedule Adherence bar charts
Binocs scheduling visual

Integrate with supply chain

Your quality operations and batch release well prioritized and integrated in the supply chain cockpit.

  • Communicate fact-based insights with the rest of the supply chain.
  • Quality operations, integrated in the supply chain cockpit.

More than 1500 QC labs use Binocs globally

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Making life easier for everyone

Quality control managers making an assessment

Make decisions confidently – let your lab perform better than ever before.

  • Use scenario-based planning to organize for complex change: budget cuts, employee turnover, new projects, …
  • Get visibility on the mid to long term and anticipate bottlenecks. Use what-if scenarios to solve those bottlenecks before they even occur.
  • Use out-of-the-box KPIs to track and communicate lab performance in real-time. Deep-dive on a team level, product level, … and take action where needed.
  • Fully integrate the quality operations in the supply chain and streamline communication.
  • Use Binocs to streamline all areas of lab performance: first time right, reagent management, cost of quality, …
  • Communicate better with the lab supervisors, as there is now one single source of the truth.
  • Stay always up-to-date on what’s happening in the lab, no extra emails, phone calls or meetings are required.
Lab supervisor making evaluations

Let an algorithm do the puzzling – focus more on where you really make the difference.

  • Spend significantly less time puzzling the weekly schedule together and free up time to do what you do best: manage the team, handle exceptions, improve workflows, …
  • Drastically increase upon you team’s targets: increase planning adherence, throughput & resource utilization.
  • No juggling between different systems & excel sheets. Manage everything in Binocs directly.
  • Use a system specifically created for labs: no need for workaround, customizations, …
  • No double-entry: Binocs seamlessly integrates with all lab management systems.
  • Have an intelligent scheduling co-bot by your side to swiftly deal with surprises and short-notice hick-ups.
  • Let the algorithms make you a proposal, but you stay fully in control!
  • One central system to see feedback from analysts in real-time.
  • Lift your stand-up meetings to the next level!
Lab analyst assessing samples

A better version of how you currently work – designed for you.

  • Finally, good visibility on upcoming workload for the next days and weeks.
  • A stable schedule, less last-minute changes.
  • You decide how you organize your day, no micro-management.
  • Variety of work assignments, spend more time doing what you love.
  • Workload fairly distributed among all lab analysts, no systemic over-scheduling.
  • Cut the noise, see only what you need to see: your personal schedule, always up-to-date, easy to access.
  • Communicate with the lab supervisor in real-time: why did a test fail? Equipment broke?
Technical Controller Sitting at His Desk with Multiple Computer Displays Before Him. In the Background His Colleagues Working in System Control and Monitoring Center.

Connect the lab – but without the hassle.

  • Binocs is a true-cloud software as a service.
  • There is only one configurable version of Binocs (no custom versions).
  • This means you’ll always use the most up-to-date version.
  • We have 5 significant releases a year; consisting of bug fixes, enhancement request and brand-new features.
  • Binocs is compliant with the highest security standards (ISO270001 certified).
  • Hosted in a secure infrastructure by Microsoft Azure.
  • Binocs seamlessly integrates all the systems you use today.
  • Setting-up an interface requires minimal input from IT. Zero-code interfacing let’s business users set-up scalable and stable integrations themselves.
  • No coding = no back and forth = integrations are set-up in a matter of hours, not weeks or months; no coding is required.

Improve your lab operations today

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Nail your performance across domains

Staff training
  • Binocs capacity planning and detailed scheduling takes into account the employee qualifications. This way you get immediate insights where training additional staff will be needed to accommodate demand fluctuactions.
  • Binocs can integrate with your LMS (Learning Management System) to sync qualifications and re-training constraints.
  • The Binocs re-training feature supports the lab scheduler with ensuring that technicians periodically execute test methods and in this way avoids re-training requirements.
Batch release testing
  • Make a detailed schedule for the analysts and equipment based on the test requirements captured from your LIMS.
  • Have a mid/long-term view based on the production plan captured from ERP or an APS tool (advanced production scheduling)
  • Track the batch test status across the different lab teams and prioritize.
  • Campaign samples by using configurable business rules (e.g. for product X, release samples cannot be campaigned with stability samples)
Batch record review
  • Connect with Compliance Management Applications (e.g. Trackwise) to schedule short-term release demand.
  • Have a mid/long-term view based on the production plan captured from ERP or an APS tool (advanced production scheduling).
  • Obtain immediate insights on the overall batch review activities
  • Automatically prioritize review activities based on configurable business rules.
  • Assign work to batch reviewers based on a configurable matrix of skills, qualifications and preferences.
Analysis request workflow management
  • Capture ad hoc demand that needs to be scheduled together with release and stability testing
  • Every requester has a demand channel to manage and track test requests
  • Give immediate insights to the scheduler, the requesters and the lab management
  • Automatically prioritize requests using configurable business rules
Validation and qualification operations
  • Fit your validation and master plan seamlessly into the day-to-day operations
  • Deliver timely method validations and instrument qualifications with full progress visibility.
QC stability testing
  • Next to release testing, timely and effective stability testing is a crucial aspect of a QC lab’s responsibilities
  • With Binocs you can be assured that your time-critical stability testing deadlines are prioritized around your day-to-day release testing schedule while ensuring that all work continues to be optimally leveled
Reagents and standards management
  • Reagents and standard reference materials are vital to lab testing. Labs may have limited on-site stocks of such materials and what is on site may have imminent expiration dates or long resupply lead times.
  • It is therefore business-critical to ensure that inventory levels are aligned with the test demand plan while taking into account demand volatility and forecast errors.
  • Binocs calculates standard and reagent demand taking into account inventory and availability lead times.
  • Binocs integrates the required operations such as validation and bridging into the lab plan and gives progress visibility to regulatory affairs.
First-time right analysis
  • In pharmaceutical testing, especially in biologics, processes and test methods are complex and the right-first-time KPI is not a won deal. Investigations on deviations and Out-of-Specs have an immediate impact on the Good Receipt Processing Time (GRPT). The main drivers of GRPT are QC and QA. Reducing or at least stabilizing the GRPT generates huge tangible financial benefits on the company’s revenue and cash.
  • By offering vital insights into which testing activities have failed and why, Binocs not only supports your real time strategies for reducing retest rates but also provides critical feedback that will help to improve the predictive qualities of your long term capacity forecasting.
  • Where retest requirements are not handled via a LIMS system, Binocs can also be used to generate a workflow to automatically generate new retest demand as and when samples have failed.
  • Binocs integrates with Compliance Management Systems such as Trackwise from Sparta Systems (Honeywell).
Equipment planning
  • It is critical that your high-value equipment is utilized efficiently and effectively so that your technicians have access to the devices they need, when they need them, and business-critical lab work can be completed on time.
  • Binocs allows you to plan your equipment to fit around testing availability across shifts and operators and even between labs, minimizing frustration and protecting lab efficiency.

The tangible ROI of using Binocs

  • +45%
    total increase in planning adherence
  • +35%
    total increase in throughput
  • +30%
    increase in employee retention

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