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Posted 28 February 2020 by
Pavèl Verstraete
Binocs Account Manager

Throwback to Smartlab Exchange

Last week, my Binocs colleagues and I were at the Smartlab Exchange 2020 that took place between 17-18 February in the Hotel Palace Berlin. Many leading pharma companies from all over the world came together to share insights and learn more about how to make the digital transformation of their labs real. Or as nicely described during one of the keynotes “how to make the digital lab transformation a reality by connecting analog islands in a digital ocean.” Certain sessions were slightly colored “Binocs Orange” (?) as we recognized some of our customers such as Merck Group, Novartis, UCB, and Philip Morris on stage.

Smartlab Exchange binocs

The road towards digital mastery

An interesting survey amongst 128 life sciences leaders showed us that only 10% of them have digital technologies widely spread and in use today, while just half of them initiated at least a pilot. More surprisingly was that 40% of the interviewees haven’t even started their digital journey. All this while business expectations such as more consistent on-time delivery of testing, quicker conversion of data into insights & a higher ROI on capital investments are gaining importance in a spectacular fast way. The big challenge raised during the Smartlab Exchange comes down to the question of how we can deal with rising data volumes that need to deliver real-time data insights without creating an extra burden on the scientists. In other words, how to go from digital awareness towards digital mastery.

We have to use data in a way that helps to answer business questions, make decisions, or gain new insights. Connecting all critical resources is the first step in that direction. Once the capabilities such as people, equipment, consumables, systems, and data are connected, workflows can be automated, accelerating science, and driving laboratory productivity. It’s exactly there where the magic happens, because, through the connection and visualization of data, we can use it in a way that wasn’t possible before. The more accessible we make our data, the more it will be used!

Binocs Performance Twin as an enabler of your lab insights

The Binocs Performance Twin is a configurable platform that brings all performance data in one single data hub that can be made accessible in real-time to all users. With the first release, the performance twin comes pre-loaded with a set of out-of-the-box dashboards and performance KPIs for QC and R&D labs. With its Easy-of-use and one-click insights, the Binocs Performance Twin will bring information to all layers and functions in the organization.

binocs at Smartlab Exchange

The performance twin comes with best practice dashboards built-in, so teams and management get the metrics that help them towards success. No matter what it is, the Performance twin has a digital twin dashboard to get it done. Read this blog to see some out of the box dashboards for QC and R&D labs.

Want to learn more about the Performance Twin? Request your free demo today!

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Pavèl Verstraete

Pavèl was an Implementation Consultant for Binocs.