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Posted 14 May 2019 by
Joachim Lasoen
VP Solution for Binocs Technology

Binocs Performance Twin

  1. Let data lead the way with the Binocs performance twin

    Planning and executing efficiently works better when it’s driven by data. With the Binocs performance twin, you get instant access to data analytics in Binocs.

  2. Seamlessly integrated

    Data can come from anywhere — Binocs, LIMS, RIMS, ERP, … It’s good to have an analytics tool that can keep up. The performance twin integrates data from every source so that you can track and measure the total picture.

  3.  Best practices, built- in

    The performance twin comes with best practice dashboards built in, so teams and management get the metrics that help them towards success. No matter what it is, the Performance twin has a dashboard to get it done. Read this blog to see some out of the box dashboards for QC and R&D labs.

    The dashboards come out of the box with the Performance twin. They give a birds-eye view of everything you need to know.

  4. Customizable analytics

    Your business is unique so your reporting should be too. With thousands of customization options, you can make every chart and dashboard your own. Share information across the whole team so everyone can take action on the insights that matter.

    By building queries and dashboards in the Performance twin, you’ll manage to solve all of the pain points you had with reporting.

Go ahead, seize the data. At our Binocs user meeting (May 21th, 22nd) we will reveal the performance twin. After that, we’ll be happy to demo.