Standardizing the CGT digital ecosystem

CGT companies have invested in multiple systems in line with their digital strategy (eg scheduling software, quality software, e-clinical solutions, customer systems, etc.)

However, companies are not always able to get the full business value out of each system. One of the mean reasons for this is the ability to interface between these systems remains limited… This lack of standardization in data exchange is a significant challenge that needs to be addressed urgently!

Join our industry peers from BIoT Digital Solution, Binocs, Iovance Therapeutics, & Lykan as they will explore some opportunities and challenges in achieving standardization across the entire IT spectrum. The webinar will last about an hour.

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A lab analyst investigates complex data via a digital microscope. This illustrates one aspect of this webinar's focus: the challenges of standardizing CGT digital operations and IT systems

Here’s what to expect

  • Planning and executing IT roadmap or strategy:
    What are the fundamental decisions a company needs to make as a part of their IT strategy before commercialization?
  • Key challenges in designing and implementation:
    How complicated or easy is it to integrate all systems and establish a ‘platform’ for coordinating all internal and external processes?
  • Integration with 3rd party systems:
    What are the key challenges to create an integrated solution?
  • Lessons learnt in integrating disparate systems & key recommendations from the panel
  • The panel answers audience questions with an interactive Q&A.

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