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How a 2 year old directed our on-boarding strategy

Although it’s pretty common for software applications nowadays, new website visitors that are exploring the potential of Binocs don’t have the possibility to log into an empty Binocs environment and just play around. It’s not that it’s technically a big deal for us to set up such an environment, but we have deliberately chosen a different approach. The reason why is best explained with a little story about a 2 year old frustrated with her drawings.

Nathan Kotny’s daughter wanted him to color alongside her. She ordered him to color inside the lines. She wanted to see how it was done and then wasn’t happy when she tried to imitate him. Off course you can’t blame her, she’s only two years old! So he gave her the Water Wow. The Water Wow has white pages with illustrations outlined in black, beckoning to be colored in.


But it comes with just a single “marker” which contains no ink. Instead, you fill it with water. When you draw, the water soaks through the white pages, showing the colored background hiding just underneath.


When it dries, the page goes back to white. In other words, it’s like a coloring book. But you just brush water on it, and out come the beautiful illustrations. His daughter loves it. It’s giving her the experience of drawing. Of painting. Of creating something that her two year old hands and muscles can’t actually do just yet. Instead of settling for loss after loss as she tries to learn to color, it’s building her confidence to keep struggling with the real thing.

Typically, we’re not dealing with two year olds. But taking off with an enterprise application like Binocs, even though it’s built for ease of use, can be quite a challenge. If you have evaluated business applications in the past, you know it’s as if you flash back to your 2 year old’s shoes at first. Instead of frustration, we want to give you the Water Wow experience. Exploring Binocs must feel like coming home. To do this, we take the following steps:

  • Set up a short call to help us figure out the data you already have at hand.
  • We upload this information to Binocs, get feedback and adjust.
  • We demo Binocs in your own business context and show recognizable situations.
  • Then, we give you access to the environment and you can play around as much as you want

By almost magically giving you a recognizable environment, you’ll have the confidence and excitement to explore the possibilities and benefits of resource planning.

It’s not unusual that a few days after the on-boarding cycle, we see a wealth of information arising. Users are excited about the speed with which they can explore true cases right from their own business.

Interested in exploring Binocs resource planning for your own organization? Contact us to set up our call! ##Suggested reading