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Posted 28 May 2021 by
Hannah De Rycke
Senior Sales Development Representative @ Binocs

Bluecrux acquires PlanDomino, confirming Binocs as #1 for laboratory resource scheduling

Aalst (Belgium), 27 May 2021. Bluecrux, a leading provider of process and technology solutions in planning, operations, and transformation, announces the acquisition of PlanDomino, an Ireland-based start-up active in QC lab planning. This acquisition further consolidates Binocs, Bluecrux’s SaaS application for QC and R&D lab operations scheduling, as the absolute market leader. 

QC and R&D scheduling are in high demand. Lab professionals have discovered vast savings and efficiency gains. In the past two years, the Binocs division of Bluecrux has doubled in size year over year and has become the absolute market leader in the digital lab scheduling domain. 

Binocs took root in 2015 when two large pharmaceutical enterprises and Bluecrux co-created a solution to improve resource utilization and planning adherence in labs. Today, more than 1000 teams worldwide use Binocs as an essential component in their operational excellence. Binocs’ powerful scheduling algorithms, the zero-code enterprise application integration, and the configurable data lake are distinctive capabilities at the core of a company’s digitalization strategy.

Bluecrux acquires PlanDomino

Greg Heaslip, founder and CEO of PlanDomino, added: “Joining the Binocs team is pushing the fast-forward button for our business. By joining forces and bringing the software engineering teams together, we will be able to deliver our “lab-of-the-future” vision faster. 

PlanDomino brings even more substantial experience and know-how and will support our further growth and geographical expansion,” says Geert Vanhove, co-founder and Executive VP of Binocs. “Moreover, both PlanDomino and Binocs have great enhancements and innovations staged which can be merged in one roadmap. 

The acquisition of PlanDomino fits perfectly into our further growth strategy,” confirms Koen Jaspers, co-founder and CEO of Bluecrux. “It strengthens our leadership position in Life Sciences transformation. And with our headquarters in Belgium, our office in New Jersey (USA), and now a new office in Ireland, we’re very happy to create a third hub to host the best talent. 

About Bluecrux 

Bluecrux builds tomorrow’s value chains for a better future. In times of massive swings in business conditions and large leaps in technology, they help companies make the transition to a digital business. 

They satisfy the need for digital transformation by offering premium advisory services to rethink business operating models, by building resilience in supply chains with their digital twin technology LOP.ai., and by digitalizing organizations’ resource planning and scheduling processes with their cloud software, Binocs.

Their comprehensive ecosystem of process and technology solutions is focused on planning, operations, and transformation. Well-curated and digitally enabled, it allows their teams to join up the many dots in the value chain. Linking strategy & operations, people & technology, process & change. By doing so, they reinvent progress with and for companies and their customers. 

Their client portfolio includes some of the world’s largest companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Roche, Bridgestone, AkzoNobel, Beiersdorf, and many more. Their desire to work closely with them is also reflected in their global presence, with offices in both Europe and the US. 

Learn more on www.bluecrux.com  and follow us on LinkedIn. 

About PlanDomino 

PlanDomino was founded in 2017 and delivers a resource and workflow management tool for pharmaceutical laboratories that boost productivity and gives end-to-end visibility of samples as they pass through the lab. With PlanDomino, CEO Greg Heaslip consolidated more than 25 years of experience in developing and implementing the Lean Laboratory methodology. 

For further information about ‘Bluecrux acquires PlanDomino’, please contact: 

Koen Jaspers, co-founder and CEO

Geert Vanhove, co-founder and EVP Binocs

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Hannah De Rycke

Hannah is the Sales Development Representative for Binocs.