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Posted 10 May 2023 by
Adam Lester-George
Content Specialist for Binocs Technology

Bluecrux sets out its vision for greater QC involvement in E2E planning

Bluecrux co-founder and EVP for Binocs, Geert Vanhove, has recently published an article on the company’s website outlining its vision for “handshake integration” for greater QC involvement in E2E planning. This novel approach to digitalizing the interaction between pharmaceutical Quality teams and wider Manufacturing and Supply Chain stakeholders is expected to significantly reduce e2e lead times and facilitate greater contributions by QC in overall planning processes.

Key takeaways

  • Quality teams represent a critical stage in the product release process but are rarely involved in S&OP discussions, despite accounting for up to 55% of end-to-end lead times
  • Evidence demonstrates that lead time savings can be achieved by improving the interaction between Quality operations and other key stakeholders, such as Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Bluecrux has developed a digital solution that allows APS, QC scheduling, and digital supply chain twin technologies to interface and facilitate dynamic, priority-based lead times to be automatically recalculated for exceptions

Handshake integration

Handshake integration would see a cross-platform offering from Bluecrux, including a comprehensive package that combines the company’s Consulting services with Binocs scheduling, our sister digital supply chain twin solution, Axon, and existing APS products. Together, this will provide pharmaceutical manufacturing clients with a digitally enabled, integrated planning solution that will automate many of the batch release processes that typically involve lengthy back-and-forth negotiations. Rather than all batches of the same type being assigned standard, fixed QC lead times, this approach will allow variable lead times to be calculated based on batch priority and QC availability. This dynamic approach is expected to complement the fixed Goods Receipt Processing Time that Supply Chain operatives currently rely on as the primary metric for formulating delivery expectations, allowing for a more flexible end-to-end planning process.

Additionally, it is hoped that implementing this process will facilitate greater direct communication between product release stakeholders and encourage greater QC involvement in E2E planning and S&OP decision making processes.

If you’re interested in a first look at what Binocs can offer as part of a wider Bluecrux offering, why not check out Geert’s article for a more detailed exploration of the topic? If this is something you’d like to discuss further with us, feel free to reach out today!