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Posted 31 August 2023 by
Hannah De Rycke
Sales & marketing coordination @ Binocs

Biotech Week Boston 2023: come say hi!

We’re pleased to share that Bluecrux is a sponsor of this year’s Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing & Commercialization conference! As part of Biotech Week Boston 2023 (September 19th to 21st), this event offers a premier platform for industry leaders and innovators in the advanced therapies sector to connect and share insights.

Who Will Be There?

Stefanie Leysen, Ben Van Lancker, and Swapna Patel will represent Bluecrux at the conference. They are keen to engage with attendees and share expertise in supply chains and our Binocs technology. They will specifically focus on how it supports CGT operations through digital planning, scheduling, operational management and automated slot allocation.

Don’t Miss Stefanie’s Presentation!

We’re especially proud to note that Stefanie Leysen will tale to the stage on September 21st! As part of the “CGT Supply Chain, Cryopreservation, Logistics and Delivery” track, she will present Maximizing Impact: Treat More Cell and Gene Therapy Patients with Smart Resource Utilization.

She will offer a new perspective on planning autologous CGT treatments by integrating patient scheduling directly with manufacturing capacity. Our approach to slot allocation is designed to optimize resource usage, increase efficiency, and offer timely treatments to more patients worldwide.

Why Attend Biotech Week Boston 2023?

Here’s why the conference is a can’t-miss event:

    • 👉 it keeps you updated on the latest CGT industry advancements
    • 👉 our team is excited to engage with attendees and share insights
    • 👉 Binocs can offer smart, scalable solutions in a rapidly evolving field.

We look forward to the prospect of meeting you there and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation in supporting advanced therapies and the wider life sciences sector!

For those interested in further exploring how Binocs can transform your CGT operations, why not reach out for a chat?

Reach out today!

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Hannah De Rycke

Hannah is the Sales Development Representative for Binocs.