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Posted 26 April 2024 by
Adam Lester-George
Content Specialist for Binocs Technology

5 ways that Binocs aligns with key Industry 5.0 principles

What is the role of Industry 5.0 in pharma laboratory planning and scheduling? Adam Lester-George explores the ways in which Binocs (as the global leading SaaS solution for lab planning and scheduling) aligns with the core principles of the European Commission’s push to make technological advancements more human-centric, resilient and sustainable.

Just when we were all getting comfortable with the concept of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, along comes its successor! Touted to bring back the human touch to hi-tech industry, “Industry 5.0” (5IR)  promises a fresh, more considerate approach to the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary business. As outlined in our previous post, it’s all about harmonizing Industry 4.0 technological advancements with the wellbeing of both the planet and its people (arguably making it more like “Industry 4.1” than a wholly new revolution).

Initiated by the European Commission, the 5IR concept is grounded in promoting three core principles:

  1. Human centricity
  2. Technological resiliency
  3. Environmental sustainability

So, in that context, I thought it would be interesting to explore five ways in which Binocs aligns with (and promotes) these important principles.

1. A human-centric user interface

In true Industry 5.0 spirit, the Binocs user interface wasn’t crafted in a vacuum—it was developed in direct collaboration with the actual users who use the platform daily, an essential partnership that has led to a design that streamlines operations and enhances utility.

As a result of placing the person at the heart of our design, technicians can now enjoy the simplicity of a Kanban board where tasks can be managed with a straightforward drag-and-drop action, enhancing the ease of their daily routines. Similarly, the new role-specific landing pages provide a clear overview of individual workloads, with intuitive links that propel users straight to the most relevant parts of the platform. This deliberate application of digital lean visual management techniques ensures that Binocs not only meets but anticipates the needs of its users, making their professional lives easier and more productive.

Beyond this, our intuitive competence matrix allows lab managers to understand, at-a-glance, where training gaps exist (both for individuals and across the entire team). This allows employers to identify opportunities for cross-training and/or upskilling staff members, promoting continuous learning and development for personal and professional growth.

2. Human-centric operational management

Our clients report significant enhancements in laboratory staff well-being, attributed to several key functionalities of the platform. By automating repetitive and mundane tasks, Binocs frees up staff to concentrate on the more technical aspects of their roles, shifting their focus from the monotony of duplicated admin to engaging, value-added activities.

Moreover, because our advanced planning algorithms predict upcoming bottlenecks, Binocs allows planners to identify and addresses issues long before they escalate into crises. This significantly reduces the need for stressful, last-minute interventions, and helping to minimize unplanned overtime.

Perhaps most importantly, however, the system provides comprehensive visibility and transparency for all work plans. This clarity allows staff to confidently schedule their vacation time, knowing their absence won’t derail ongoing projects or operations. Together, these features not only enhance productivity but also significantly improve the daily work life of laboratory personnel, demonstrating Binocs’ commitment to the human side of operational management.

3. Supporting patient-centric medicine

We’re committed to supporting patient-centric medicine and have invested heavily in introducing personalized planning to the field of personalized treatments. Our innovative slot allocation system has been designed to accommodate the unique logistical challenges of autologous cell and gene therapy (CGT) planning by placing the patient at the very center of the production plan. Using the Binocs patient calendar, healthcare professionals at treatment centers can book apheresis appointments in such a way that aligns with the availability of manufacturing capacity. As a result, patient tissue can be harvested at a time that maximizes the likelihood of it being shipped to the production site and immediately processed, thus reducing the risk of viability loss due to delays in transportation or scheduling.

This functionality is crucial, especially given the severity of the illnesses treated with CGT and the associated importance of minimizing the number of patient appointments. With the Binocs slot-picker, treatment centers can dramatically increase the likelihood that each patient will receive timely and efficient treatment tailored to their specific needs. This approach not only optimizes treatment efficacy but also enhances the overall patient experience, making it less stressful and more focused on recovery.

4. Technological resilience, from the ground-up

As a leading SaaS platform, technological resilience has been built-into Binocs from Day One, anchored by a commitment to continuous improvement, operational reliability, and adaptable interoperability. With our zero-code, system agnostic integration model, we promote the implementation of a comprehensive and interactive network of best-of-breed digital laboratory management solutions, permitting far greater flexibility than a traditional single-stack solution.

Due to our subscription model, our customers can be sure that they are always using the most up-to-date version of the platform without ever needing to install software locally. And, Binocs does not require GxP validation, we can ensure that our quarterly releases can be deployed without the need for additional approvals, allowing for swift adaptability to new technologies. With a 99.99% uptime and ISO27001 certification, Binocs prioritizes secure and reliable operations. Its dedicated support team is always ready to resolve issues, ensuring continuous and smooth laboratory management.

Scalable across various laboratory sizes and networks, Binocs can grow with an organization, reducing future resource expenditure and supporting long-term operational expansion. These features collectively position Binocs as a resilient, future-proof platform that aligns seamlessly with the principles of Industry 5.0, enabling laboratories to thrive in a dynamic technological environment.

5. Helping laboratories attain sustainability

As part of the wider network of digital laboratory systems, Binocs plays a pivotal role in helping laboratories become more environmentally sustainable. By contributing to paperless lab initiatives, we not only reduce their reliance on pen and paper but we also streamline operations, saving significant time and reducing the risk of human error. For example, where scheduling a lab team used to take planners half a day or more to complete, our customers report that the full process with Binocs now takes just 15 minutes, eliminating the need for duplicative manual data logging.

As an official Microsoft partner, Binocs leverages the power of Azure to host its SaaS platform, enhancing its environmental efficiency. Studies show that solutions hosted on Azure are 93% more energy efficient and up to 98% more carbon efficient than traditional on-premises setups. Additionally, by subscribing to Microsoft’s environmental commitments, Binocs supports the acceleration of fully-sustainable cloud technologies, further reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and entirely removing the responsibility from our customers. This strategic partnership and technological choice underscore Binocs’ commitment to promoting sustainability within the lab environment, making it a leader in fostering eco-friendly practices in the industry.


On reflection, then, it’s clear that Binocs is an active participant in the latest industrial revolution. By embedding human-centric designs that enhance both user experience and patient care, championing technological resilience through robust, scalable solutions, and advancing environmental sustainability in every operational facet, Binocs sets a benchmark in the laboratory management space. This strategic approach not only prepares laboratories for the current demands of Industry 5.0 but also equips them for future challenges and opportunities. As industries continue to evolve, Binocs remains committed to innovation that respects our deepest human needs while preserving our planet for future generations.

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