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Binocs Resource Planning for Labs: An Additional Efficiency Boost With Integrated Instrument Planning

Binocs is a leader in smart analyst planning for QC, R&D and service labs. After increasing interest from our lab customers, we decided to step it up a notch. With the new release, labs can include critical test instruments and evaluate capacity requirements of both analysts and the equipment they use in their experiments. As well as in lab environments, equipment planning is also compelling in areas such as R&D resource planning. We have encountered cases where, e.g., bioreactors needed to be allocated in the flow of expert-driven task sequences.  width=Equipment planning integrated into resource planning has a series of extra business benefits:

  • A solid integrated planning process can increase equipment and instrument utilization by 10% and more.
  • Improved calibration and maintenance planning through visibility of demand peaks allows maintenance activities in calmer periods – so no hiccups in the service level.
  • Efficiency increases because lab instruments have a higher batch-fill rate, while still delivering results on time.

The equipment-planning functionality is only visible to users when enabled by the Binocs administrator. Once enabled, the function integrates seamlessly with the Binocs user interface. Here are some features:

  • Users can define multiple types of equipment, and set 24/7 availability profiles.
  • Equipment is associated with particular activities within the test methods.
  • Team managers can evaluate and improve equipment performance through a set of KPIs, off-the- shelf reports and data analyzers.

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