No more bottlenecks, no more firefighting

Monitor your capacity months or years in advance with intelligent algorithms

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Have confidence in your ability to execute

Binocs allows you to easily verify whether you can accommodate any additional work and make critical adjustments as required

  • Production forecast: get full visibility on your expected workload by integrating product forecasts directly from Manufacturing.
  • Maximum visibility: easily identify under- and over-capacity periods long before capacity decisions become critical and align with supply chain to spread workload more evenly.
  • Intuitive design: toggle between constrained and unconstrained presentations of workload for at-a-glance identification of capacity pinch points.
  • Workload leveling: readily share team members from high- to low-capacity teams or accommodate outsourcing requirements.
  • Different consumption patterns: effectively plan capacity for any level of demand volatility, from stability and release testing to raw materials and environmental safety labs.

See your capacity differently

A system built to meet your needs and designed for transparency and clarity

  • Manage capacity: visually navigate and maintain staffing availabilities and competencies, allowing for accurate identification of bottlenecks based on tangible metrics.
  • Visual management: immediately understand which tasks (and how many) can be delivered on-time with current resources and explore reasons for projected late delivery.
  • Out-of-the-box visualizations: clear and intuitive team and equipment capacity charts available as standard, allowing insights at the team level or across teams and sites.
  • Slice your data: effortlessly understand where demand is expected by visualizing future workload by Product Type, Demand Source, Activity Type, etc.
  • Dig deeper: explore custom and off-the-shelf KPIs that have been designed specifically to aid capacity forecasting.

Manage uncertainty, mitigate risk

Identify strategies for overcoming challenges long before they even arise

  • Transparent presentation: understand, at-a-glance, exactly where and when additional resources can best be reallocated.
  • What-if scenario analysis: create as many alternatives to your baseline operations as required to explore alternative operational strategies.
  • Simulate capacity: model the impact on on-time delivery of upskilling or cross-training the workforce, changing team size, potential increases in demand, outsourcing work, and much more.
  • Supported decision-making: Binocs gives you the tools to optimize your planning based on your expertise, allowing you to answer critical questions your way, not dictated by a machine.

Improve your capacity planning

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