Automated sample grouping

Get the most from your high-value laboratory equipment with optimized campaigning

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Supplement standard processes with configurable campaigning

Binocs seamlessly picks up the responsibilty of sample management from your LIMS once samples have arrived in the lab, streamlining and optimizing all concurrent and sequential testing

  • Digital lean: Binocs has been developed specifically to facilitate the optimized grouping of samples by test method, updating campaign composition in real-time.
  • Fully integrated: with our zero-code integration allowing quick and easy connection with any LIMS, all incoming samples are synced on arrival.
  • 100% customizable: define your own campaigning automation rules based on test and product characteristics.
  • Dynamic forecasting: set up test methods to dynamically calculate batch processing lead times based on campaign fill rate to accurately plan capacity and schedule resources.

Combine information from across your lab’s digital twin

Binocs knows the status of your workload, team availability, instrumentation capacity, and sample due dates and ‘campaignability’, making it ideally placed to guide your test optimization

  • Competence-based scheduling: Binocs ensures that grouped testing is allocated to the right equipment and the analyst with the appropriate training.
  • Centralized hub for sample grouping: laboratory planners can review detailed information on testing run composition and lock down campaigns at any time.
  • Synced with Scheduling: the Binocs smart algorithms will automatically delay a test method until more samples are received in the lab, while still providing confidence that the tests can be executed on time.
  • Enhanced visibility: analysts and technicians who are assigned to campaigned tests can easily view sample information from within their schedule board.

Identify the best strategy to suit your needs

Balance planning adherence and campaign fill rate to ensure optimized service delivery

  • Optimized campaigning as standard: increase sample throughput for simultaneous or sequential testing.
  • Stay in control: Binocs presents the best sample grouping options for you to initiate but leaves you free to make manual adjustments that reflect your unique knowledge and expertise.
  • Sample prioritization: see clear indications of urgent tests and batches to support effective decision-making for laboratory managers.
  • Easy stop/go: at-a-glance visualizations of campaign fill rates and latest safe delivery dates allow you to choose whether to wait for additional samples or launch the testing run below instrumentation capacity.

Optimize your lab operations

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