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The articles provided in this section are a collection of view points from our Binocs experts concerning various aspects of digital resource planning in QC labs, QA, R&D labs and CGT operations.

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  • - by Joachim Lasoen

    How to tackle manufacturing planning for cell and gene therapy?

    Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) scheduling software such as Binocs is specifically designed to to give real-time visibility on the manufacturing planning.
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  • Freezing tasks in a project plan? Hmm…

    Project freeze: confirming time and resources. Look at this from different angles: value of commitment, quality project management, quality delivery.
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  • Business person looking at an app on a tablet device

    Not Every App is an Enterprise App

    What are the critical requirements for enterprise software? Usability, standardization, collaboration, organization, data security, partnerships and other!
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  • Project manager working on Gantt chart schedule to create planning with tasks and milestones to plan activities, person working with management tools on computer in office
    - by Geert Vanhove

    Do you need a PMO or an RMO?

    What is the difference between PMO Project Management Office and RMO Resource Management Officer? Or do we need PMRO Project and Resource Management Office?
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