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The articles provided in this section are a collection of viewpoints from our Binocs experts concerning various aspects of digital resource planning in QC labs, QA, R&D labs and CGT operations.

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  • Woman focuses on project planning, perhaps for a QC lab with advanced planning and scheduling software
    - by Frederik Jaenen

    Planning your QC lab with APS software: is it a good idea?

    Planning production is different from planning a quality control lab. Here are a few things to consider before implementing APS software in a QC lab.
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  • Double helix image: Orchestrating cell & gene therapy supply chains
    - by Mathias Lasoen

    How to orchestrate the cell and gene therapy supply chain

    Orchestrating the cell and gene therapy supply chain is particularly complex. We outline 7 key challenges and solutions provided by Binocs.
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  • Scientist in a clean room laboratory reviewing documentation for a bioreactor, representing our autologous therapy slot allocation case study
    - by Joachim Lasoen

    How to tackle manufacturing planning for cell and gene therapy?

    Are you looking for cell and gene therapy software to manage your manufacturing plans? Binocs is specifically designed for CGT—read more!
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  • A screenshot of the Binocs schedule screen overlayed with ice crystals, illustrating how Binocs can reschedule project plans while freezing tasks
    - by Geert Vanhove

    Reschedule project plans painlessly with Binocs task freezing

    Sometimes you need to reschedule project plans while locking certain critical tasks. This can be painful with other PM tools but not Binocs!
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  • Business person looking at an app on a tablet device - but does it meet the requirements critical for enterprise apps?
    - by Joachim Lasoen

    Not every app is an enterprise app

    Not all apps are enterprise apps so we've created a handy list of key requirements you can check before buying software for your organization.
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