Integrated supply chain and QC at GSK

Scientists in conversation over digital tablet in lab. Perhaps they are discussing how much better their QC outcomes are now they are integrated with the Supply chain thanks to Binocs

The Customer

GlaxoSmithKline is one of the world’s leading drug manufacturers, with sites in over 90 countries globally. The US-based QC laboratory that is discussed here employs around 50 analysts across 4 QC teams, with at least 100 complex instruments routinely used in testing.

The lab teams perform various types of testing, including:

  • environmental monitoring
  • release
  • in-process
  • stability
  • raw materials
  • method validation

Read the case study below or watch our video summary to learn how Binocs has been used to enhance QC performance for GSK!

The case study

  • Objectives

    • Increase the productivity and efficiency of QC teams, such as the average amount of experiments run per analyst and the average amount of samples per experiment
    • Reduce the average cycle time per experiment
    • And last but not least reduce the average release cycle time
  • Challenges

    • GSK’s QC teams relied on Excel files for scheduling,tracking testing and calculating KPIs regularly
    • Manual processes were time-consuming, involving comparing spreadsheets and adapting to changes
    • Tracking was cumbersome, and workload for analysts was challenging due to complicated oversight
  • Results

    • Binocs was implemented at 4 sites in GSK’s pharmaceutical supply chain organization: pre-clinical and manufacturing sites
    • The rollout occurred in two phases: manual data upload initially to establish business rules and then automation for efficiency
    • GSK created a data lake that integrated their SAP system and LIMS, transforming data into a more structured format for querying
    • Some tangible results:
      • +10.52% increase in average number of tests batched per experiment
      • +3.10% increase in average experiments per analyst
      • -14.9% overall lab cycle time

Are you ready to follow in GSK’s footsteps and pave the way for a digitized lab? We look forward to getting better acquainted with you and your company‚Äôs vision.

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