Binocs at Ferring’s multisite lab

Scientists examines DNA models in modern Genetic Research Laboratory. Computer monitors with data in foreground

The customer

Multinational biopharma company, Ferring, has engaged Binocs to deliver a multi-site implementation across labs in Switzerland, Germany and Israel, with further deployments in the US and China on the horizon.

Binocs was first implemented at Ferring’s QC lab in Kiel, Germany in 2020, a site with 6 production lines. To accommodate their existing operations, 936 services were set up in Binocs for 150 different products, including primary packaging materials, excipients, API’s, bulk, stabilities, etc.

Read the case study below or watch the video here.

  • Objectives

    • Capture all their tests in one system
    • Perform tests within lead times
    • Gain more transparency on workload status
    • Have a scalable system that could be used by all sites
  • Challenges

    • Before Binocs, Ferring relied on a complex combination of Excel files, weekly meetings, and ICE® Lean for lab management
    • There was a lack of transparency regarding colleague training, resulting in major issues for defining work responsibilities
    • Activity status and analysis dates could not be tracked
    • Workload estimation and distribution were problematic, with some team members picking preferred activities, leaving others to pick up less desirable tasks
  • Results

    • After two successful pilot sites in Germany and Switzerland, implementations in Israel, US & China followed
    • Batch release planning adherence increased from 8% to 50%, tests on time from 44% to 77%
    • More structured and defined equipment planning and scheduling
    • Enhanced visibility of analysis duration, service status, and clear KPIs
    • Experiences documented in a “good practice” presentation and handbook

Are you ready to follow in Ferring’s footsteps and pave the way for a digitized lab? We look forward to getting better acquainted with you and your company’s vision.