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Is your lab ready for automatic scheduling?

Scheduling lab technicians (and equipment) is typically a time consuming job

lab automatic scheduling software

  • Demand and priorities change daily so the schedule has to be constantly adapted
  • The supervisor needs to optimize campaigns (batching samples)
  • You need to balance service level and lab efficiency overall, not case by case. (on time delivery versus high utilization of people and equipment).
  • There are a lot of constraints to take into account (competences, availability of people and equipment, procedure constraints, priorities, due dates, batching rules, …)

Reduce time spent on on-going schedule changes by more than 80%

scheduling web application for labs

Binocs is a web application for lab scheduling and planning

  • Automatically batch samples to optimize utilization while not forgetting service level (taking into account priorities, grouping rules, max campaign size, …)
  • Automatically generate a schedule taking into account competences and availabilities, schedule constraints (e.g. double check must be done by another person) and priorities
  • Manually adapt schedule where needed in a user-friendly and modern web application (you’re still in full control)
  • Communicate the schedule. Everybody has one source of the truth, always up to date

And all of this is done on a continuous basis, sometimes multiple times a day

I’m convinced but is my lab ready for an automatic scheduler?

We need 3 things to get you up and running:

  • Demand: with seamless integration with your LIMS or another execution system your demand is always up to date and never entered twice.
  • Test durations and constraints: upload once, then manage them in Binocs (=ONE source of the truth).
  • Competences: who can perform what tests? We can upload this information or you can input it in our user-friendly user interface.

If you have the information available, we’ll help you upload it with our standard API’s and set-up the system.

In less than 2 weeks you’ll have your first automatically created schedule!

You can contact us for a free planning software! or read and watch further:

  • Read more details about the scheduler  and see some screenshots of how it actually works.
  • Watch a recorded webinar on lab scheduling where we elaborated on the why and how and showed a demo of Binocs scheduling
  • Watch a recorded webinar on mid-long term capacity planning where we explain why next to scheduling you’ll also benefit from a longer-term view on your capacity