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Posted 15 April 2019 by
Geert Vanhove
Co-Founder & EVP, Binocs

Impressive results with Binocs


GSK Vaccines Global Regulatory Affairs (a team of 400+ people) presented their experiences with Binocs resource planning at the Making Pharmaceuticals conference that was held in Brussels on March 14th. Why did GSK GRA implement resource management? Why did GSK GRA choose for Binocs? And the best part was the measured KPIs. From 54% to 85% on-time delivery! Also there demand was much better leveled across the year whereas before the profiles should clear end of quarter peaks. We’re proud on the Global Regulatory Affairs team. It was great for us to be able to contribute to this achievement.

Binocs is used for capacity and operational planning in regulatory affairsand uses a RIM system (Regulatory Information Management) as a source of demand.

Binocs provides a machine learning feature to translate submission demand from RIM systems into a logical work sequence that is dispatched across project teams, compliance teams, CMC teams, publishing teams and the like. It synchronizes such work sequences multiple times a week to ensure that the execution is correct and timely. Because this is fully automated, the savings in demand management are significant while creating vast improvements in the data quality and completeness. Watch this 4 minute video to learn more about this concept.

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