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Posted 4 July 2019 by
Geert Vanhove
Co-Founder & EVP, Binocs

Implement Binocs with the “prêt à porter” agile playbook

It doesn’t matter what you implement, as long as you do it agile, it’s fine. That’s the tenor that spreads across many companies nowadays.

However, when I talk to clients, they seem to struggle with giving the agile framework theory from their training course the right content for the project on which they have to apply it. Agreed, it is not easy…

Let us share a typical that is representative for many of our cases. Your company has selected Binocs for resource planning and scheduling. The leadership appointed you as the project manager for implementing the software. You want to make your sprint plan for the coming weeks, but as you are not yet a seasoned resource planning expert and not yet familiar with the software solution, it is hard to imagine how to structure your backlog and sprints.

That’s where the Binocs FastTrack implementation methodology will help you.

Binocs FastTrack consists of 3 components:

  • An Agile storyboard with pre-defined sprint maps that you can tune for the project.
  • An e-Learning platform to onboard the project team and users.
  • A set of tools and templates to support data gathering, data quality checks and data migration.

The Agile Implementation Storyboard as your project GPS

The Binocs agile Storyboard is the consolidation of experience gained during the implementation journeys for about 250 teams.

At the first level, we distinguish the type of implementation. We see three profiles:

  • Single Site – Single Team
  • Singe Site – Multi-Team
  • Multi-Site – Multi-Team

Each type will have a specific sequence of pilot and roll-out waves as shown in the picture below.

implementation of Binocs with the “prêt à porter” agile playbook

In a single or multi-site roll-out wave, we typically include 4 teams. Depending on the organizational maturity and complexity, the wave duration varies from 8 to 12 weeks with 4-6 sprints.

the “prêt à porter” agile playbook and Binocs

The FastTrack playbook also lays out clear steps for each sprint, as shown in the example sprint map below.

Binocs implementation with the “prêt à porter” agile playbook

The sprint map visualizes the sequence of activities concisely and comprehensively. The activities can be e-Learning, data gathering, configuration, testing, communication, and documentation.

If you’re interested in the sprint mapping template toolbox (Powerpoint), contact Binocs.

The key business benefits of Binocs FastTrack

Each implementation will directly benefit from FastTrack, but the benefits multiply significantly in global roll-out programs.

  • In general, agile leads to faster results. With Binocs FastTrack, we gave your project immediate best practice content, which increases the success rate of your project.
  • The pre-defined sprint plans are an excellent communication tool for key users and project stakeholders.
  • Sprint plans increase the project first-time-right and avoid unnecessary iterations.
  • Workshops have defined agendas and are efficient.
  • Binocs FastTrack integrates training, configuration, documentation, testing and hypercare.
  • Budgeting and cost tracking is easier with a standardized Binocs implementation playbook.
  • All sites follow the same approach and process, which also strongly contributes to company-wide consistency and harmonization.

Know more about Binocs and the FastTrack methodology? Request a Binocs presentation.

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