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Posted 1 April 2019 by
Geert Vanhove
Co-Founder & EVP, Binocs

Free User Requirements list for resource planning and scheduling in QC and R&D labs

More and more pharma and biopharma companies discover the business value of resource planning and scheduling.

There is a strong need to optimize the utilization and planning adherence of analysts, scientists and the equipment they use in the quality control labs, R&D labs or pilot plants for process development.

Strategy consultants and industry watchers see a clear position for resource planning and scheduling in their Industry 4.0 vision.


Resource planning and scheduling in R&D and QC labs – user requirements list

Also for Binocs, we surf the wave. In the last 6 months, we received more than five RFQs from big pharma players for a global solution for resource planning and scheduling solution in QC and R&D labs.

However, the resource planning theme is not a paved path like LIMS and ERP are. In our interactions with companies, we see that the selection teams still struggle with defining a well-tuned list of user requirements.


For those coping with the same challenge, let’s give you a kick start. We compiled the list of most common user requirements. Simply fill in your contact details below and we will send you the document.