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Posted 16 June 2023 by
Adam Lester-George
Content Specialist for Binocs Technology

Bluecrux publishes its first CGT eBook, putting professionals in the spotlight!

Bluecrux is thrilled to announce the release of our first CGT eBook, titled “Voices from the Advanced Therapies Space: collected discussions and advice from experts in the CGT industry“!

This groundbreaking publication is a compilation of valuable insights from professionals in the advanced therapies sector, including therapy developers, representatives from Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), healthcare providers at therapy centers, and representatives from third-party software vendors. The CGT eBook offers a unique and comprehensive collection of perspectives, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the challenges and successes involved in delivering these cutting-edge therapies to the market—and to patients.

In a rush? Here are the 3 key takeaways

  1. 👉 Bluecrux has published a free eBook collecting the views and insights of experts from the CGT industry who are among the minority that has already successfully delivered commercial advanced therapy medicinal products
  2. 👉 The book highlights the importance of collaboration and information-sharing in a highly competitive industry, providing key insights into common challenges and solutions that all professionals in the sector should be aware of
  3. 👉 This first-of-its-kind publication is available for free download using the form at the bottom of the page!

Learning from lived experience

Each therapy is slightly different and, as the industry continues to move forward and deliver better products for patients, we as the custodians of the process will also need to continue learning.
David Kim Head of Supply Chain @ Arcellx

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced therapies, it is crucial to tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by industry experts. With only a handful of advanced therapy products currently licensed but more than 2,000 in various stages of clinical development, the insights shared by our experts hold immense value for other professionals in the field. The book serves as a platform to bring together these voices, allowing readers to benefit from their collective wisdom and experience.

The thirteen industry experts featured in “Voices from the Advanced Therapies Space” candidly discuss the hurdles they encountered and the lessons they learned throughout their journeys in developing and commercializing advanced therapies. Their insights cover a wide range of critical topics and, by sharing their experiences, these experts offer readers practical guidance and inspiration, helping them navigate the unique challenges of the CGT industry.

A comprehensive resource

Every cell and gene company feels that they are unique and that their requirements are unique but it’s not always true. There is a minimum level of standardization that we’re trying to achieve more broadly as an industry.
Akshay Peer CGT Lead @ Bluecrux

This one-of-a-kind eBook provides a comprehensive view of the CGT landscape, presenting perspectives from different stakeholders involved in the end-to-end ecosystem. Across 4 chapters, we present the real-world experiences of these sectoral experts, speaking in their own words on a dozen topics that are of critical importance to anyone involved in delivering advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). This includes discussions around:

  • the challenges of executing cell and gene therapies
    • managing resources, manufacturing slots, and exceptions
  • the importance of successful partnerships
    • across the supply chain, with CDMOs, and with software solution vendors
  • practical considerations for implementing IT to support CGT delivery
    • the importance of developing an IT strategy, data management considerations, and the challenges of achieving system interoperability
  • the future of collaborative growth in the industry
    • the role of standardization, gains to be expected from automation, and advice on successful commercialization

On the shoulders of giants

We need to focus on learning from all stages in the patient journey and making sure that every lesson can be used to further improve processes.
Stefanie Leysen CGT Solution Manager @ Bluecrux

To the best of our knowledge, no other book presents this sort of clear and insightful information about the entire CGT value chain—from therapy development and manufacturing to treatment center operations and software integration—from the perspective of pioneers who have already paved the way for the imminent explosion of ATMPs. This unique and multidisciplinary approach provides readers with a more holistic understanding of the complexities and interdependencies within the field; we sincerely hope that this will help professionals in the emergent sector to make informed decisions and drive meaningful progress in their respective roles.

“Voices from the Advanced Therapies Space” underscores the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry professionals, even within such a highly competitive market. By bringing together therapy developers, CDMO representatives, healthcare providers, and software vendors, the eBook demonstrates the shared challenges felt across the sector and the common solutions that have already been identified. It provides evidence that the CGT sector is a niche community that has much to gain from the cross-pollination of ideas and we similarly encourage professionals to leverage the expertise and experiences of others to accelerate the development and delivery of advanced therapies to patients.

For the benefit of patients

All CGT companies can agree that we care about the patient at the end of the day, they’re what matters to us. So, if we can come together as an industry, that would really, really help out the patient in the end.
Bhagya Murali Head of Customer Experience in CGT Technology @ Trakcel

Bluecrux is proud to present “Voices from the Advanced Therapies Space” as a valuable resource for professionals in the CGT industry, with the ultimate goal of delivering these lifesaving therapies to more patients. This eBook offers a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of experts so that fellow professionals can enhance their understanding of the field, make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and contribute to the advancement of advanced therapies. We invite you to dive into this extraordinary compilation and unlock the potential for innovation and progress in the exciting world of advanced therapies.

To access the eBook FOR FREE, simply fill out the form below or reach out to our team for more information. Together, let’s propel the CGT industry forward and transform lives through advanced therapies!

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Adam Lester-George

Adam has two decades of experience working in clinical trials, biomedical research, public health, and health economics, with a particular interest in the intersection between technology and life sciences. For 7 years before joining Bluecrux in 2019, Adam was the director of healthcare innovation consultancy “LeLan” and brings a wide range of insights to his role as Content Specialist for Binocs.