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Binocs will be at CAR-TCR!

posted by
Hannah De Rycke
Sales & marketing coordination @ Binocs

We are delighted to announce that Binocs will be at next week’s CAR-TCR Summit in Boston, MA from 19th to 22nd September. Akshay Peer and Stefanie Leysen will be in attendance and are looking forward to meeting colleagues from across the global community of CAR and TCR experts! 



What is the CAR-TCR Summit? 

CAR-TCR is the world’s pre-eminent forum for discussing the development and commercialization of new CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) and TCR (T-cell receptor) therapies, techniques and strategies. The 2022 summit will be the 7th such conference and the first to be held in person since 2019, with over a thousand attendees expected to join presentations and discussions on a wide range of topics relevant to this exciting industry. 

The number of CAR and TCR therapeutic products in development is growing rapidly. This year’s summit in Boston represents one of the foremost opportunities for key stakeholders from all different areas of the industry to come together and share the lessons they have learned and discuss the new challenges they have identified. We expect to gain fascinating insights from colleagues working across all aspects of these cutting edge of new therapies, from in vivo gene engineering, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control, and early phase development innovations, to logistical, trial management, and patient infusion methodologies. 

Why Binocs? 

At Binocs, we fundamentally believe in a future where individualized medicine is accessible to all patients suffering from chronic and fatal conditions. That’s why we have tailored our automated scheduling and capacity planning software to the specific needs of the cell and gene therapeutics industry. By supporting development, apheresis, manufacturing and infusion planning, we can help therapy providers and healthcare professionals to treat more patients with less risk. 

In autologous therapies, manufacture of the final product is inherently tied to the availability of the patient for apheresis, with production planning unable to begin until the source material has been successfully collected and shipped. Conversely, due to their short lifespan, apheresis cannot reliably be planned unless there is a suitable manufacturing slot available to process the collected cells. As a result, there is a delicate interplay between healthcare provider and manufacturing sites which can result in delays and lost treatment slots if not handled carefully. 

Using Binocs, apheresis sites can book their patients for tissue collection with confidence that they will have a guaranteed manufacturing slot, allowing them focus more on supporting the patient and close family members in their emotional journey and less on organizing complex logistics. Meanwhile manufacturing sites can be sure that their production capacity is being respected and the requests coming from different treatment centers are being automatically prioritized and optimally scheduled, allowing for greater efficiency and fewer lost slots. 

Binocs also helps to support allogeneic therapy providers and CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organizations) by providing predictive forecasting capacity management and detailed, automated scheduling services to deliver an optimized work plan across dozens or hundreds of different demand sources over the short- medium- and long-term. 

Coming to CAR-TCR? 

If you’re going to be in Boston from 19th to 22nd September, why not drop into our booth and ask Akshay or Stefanie to provide more information on how Binocs can support your product from trial to commercial scale-up? 

Can’t make it to the Summit but still interested in learning more? Why not book a demo today?