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Binocs at the Strategic Resource Management Conference 2017 in Philadelphia

Attention! We are approaching main stream.

It’s our second time we attend the conference. When listening to the many interesting presentations, we see a clear maturity leap since last year. It looks like resource planning for knowledge workers is approaching the main stream and that’s good because we are all ready for this with Binocs. We pitched on Binocs on two innovations. The first innovation is already live in two installations and is about how we use Binocs to build an operating model that generates project task sequences automatically based on demand characteristics. This aligns with our vision to aim for a connected plan with zero demand input. And it’s our platform to more advanced machine learning concepts to update the operating model based on captured execution data. The second innovation is in the pipeline and is about how to constantly obtain accurate workload estimates without heavy estimation efforts. We received great response! People wanted to know more and were looking how that fits into their resource management roadmap. Digital, here we come!! If you also want to hear the story, just contact us.

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