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What is a digital twin?

posted by
Mathias Lasoen
Head of BINOCS marketing

You might have heard the term before but what exactly is a “Digital Twin” (or a “Digital Performance Twin”)? These words aren’t just marketing-lingo, they’re the next step in fine-tuning your organization’s supply chain.

What is NOT a Digital Twin?

There is a lot of incorrect information surrounding Digital Twins. Let’s start with what is not considered a Digital Supply Chain Twin.

  • A single data model in a planning solution
  • A human-derived model
  • A model of part of the supply chain
  • A data lake
  • A model that uses stale and/or static data
  • A model that gets its parameters from ERP
  • A set of data tables in a data warehouse

What is a Digital Twin?

The term Digital Twin has become fairly common, although there remains a lot of confusion about its meaning.

The reality is that the definition has changed over time and as Digital Twins have been developed for different purposes.

While each purpose is, in its own right, valid and valuable, there are certain common features to all.

In brief, a digital twin is simply a virtual representation of a physical object or process that captures both its physical and behavioral characteristics.

What exactly is a Digital Performance Twin?

A Digital Performance Twin is a digital representation of the physical lab and supply chain that can be used to drive understanding and make decisions.

It is built from granular data to form a dynamic, synchronized, real-time, and time-phased representation of the various associations between the data objects and entities that ultimately describe and make up how the physical lab and supply chain operates.

Read more here: https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/the-cscos-guide-to-supply-chain-technology-innovations

Why you need a dynamic Digital Performance Twin

The Binocs Performance Twin is a configurable platform that brings all performance data together in one single data hub that can be made accessible to all users. It also comes pre-loaded with a set of out-of-the-box dashboards and performance KPIs for QC and R&D labs.

With its easy-to-use, one-click insights the Binocs Performance Twin brings information to all layers and functions in the organization.

How Binocs becomes your organization’s Digital Twin

While the physical world only presents a picture of your present circumstances, a digital twin allows you to review the past and simulate the future. Binocs already includes analyzers for demand, capacity, and workload, providing a digital twin for the entire planning process.

Nevertheless, to effectively evaluate your organization’s performance, you also need more context and to include other aspects of your operations, such as first-time-right, compliance, and customer service data.

That’s what the Binocs Performance Twin brings to your organization: all performance information presented in compelling dashboards, providing visual management support for your Tier 1-2-3 meetings and other operational/tactical business interactions.