The Axon platform

The engine that powers your digital supply chain twin

Facilitate complex supply chains

Your supply chain is anything but simple, static or certain.

As complexity and variability rises, visibility goes down and straightforward questions no longer have straightforward answers.

Axon has been built to help you understand and manage your supply chain via a comprehensive model that provides a single source of truth.


Have you ever wondered…

Our solution

You already have the data to answer your supply chain questions but it is often scattered across different, unconnected systems.

The good news is that we can help you to harness the true value of your existing data streams by using them to develop a personalized digital supply chain twin.

Powered by a our proprietary AI algorithms, Axon:

  • Pulls in critical data from your data lake or directly from your source systems
  • Harmonizes and connects your data so everything speaks the same language
  • Links and contextualizes your data to turn them into true insights


Extend your experience

Once your digital supply chain twin is implemented you can harness Axon’s full power, wrapped-up in three add-on solutions that you can implement step-by-step.


  • Axon Observe

    Your E2E visibility & performance solution, answering questions like:

    • What does our supply chain network look like?
    • What are the detailed E2E product flows?
    • Does our planning master data reflect reality?
    • Where can we reduce the E2E lead time?
    • What is supplier adherence to our SLAs?
    • How much variability is in our supply chain?


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  • Axon Decide

    Your probabilistic simulation solution, answering questions like:

    • What is the impact on service, cash or cost if variability in my supply chain increases in the next 2 quarters?
    • What will be the impact on my likelihood to execute if I amend different parameters?
    • How much can I reduce the probability of stockouts by adjusting lead times?
    • What are the main risks in my supply chain and how do they affect different stakeholders?
    • Where do we need to take action to decrease our risk profile?
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  • Axon Control

    Your supply chain control tower, answering questions like:

    • What is the E2E impact of certain supply chain events?
    • Which events require the most attention due to urgency, criticality and impact?
    • What alternative actions do I have at my disposal to accept demand and accelerate supply?
    • What are the potential root causes and how could we mitigate them?
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