The 5-step approach to building your digital supply chain twin

With Axon you can readily construct a bespoke digital representation of all your supply chains in a purpose-built platform that is compatible with all of our extended solutions.

Group of people. Human Resources. Global network. Diversity.


  • Your business actions are already captured and processed by a variety of distributed IT systems across a complex technological landscape
  • Integrating these systems gives you a single source of truth for all your supply chain interests
  • Axon provides complete bidirectional connectivity between all your heterogenous data sources, regardless of format
  • With centralized control, it’s easy to extract, inject and publish your business-critical data in near real-time


  • Data shared across organizations, systems and processes inevitably varies in quality or contain gaps and will often be out of sync
  • Introducing Axon PME©, our highly scalable and performant process mining engine that allows you to:
    • Prepare, harmonize and load your data in a single model with a common ontology
    • Create and maintain a detailed map of your supply chain nodes and relationships
    • Build a detailed model of all your operations, including their condition and performance


  • Like you physical supply chain, your digital twin doesn’t exist in a vacuum
  • To be truly representative of your business and to enable you to make the most informed decisions, your digital supply chain twin must be subject to external factors
  • Axon has been designed to facilitate comprehensive data enrichment from a variety of sources
  • Connect to internal and external data streams to get the real-world context you need to make the best decisions


  • Your business isn’t static and so your digital twin platform shouldn’t be either
  • Once setup, Axon PME© uses machine learning algorithms and extendible rule libraries to intelligently enhance your digital twin and progressively improve its accuracy over time
  • You can also validate your operations on an ongoing basis via health scores that monitor the quality of your supply chain and allow you to model various stakeholder perspectives


  • Your Axon digital twin platform serves as the foundation upon which you can build a fully comprehensive suite of business solutions
  • In addition to supporting third-party analytics platforms, you can enhance your digital twin with our extended solutions: