Axon Observe | E2E visibility & performance

Gain full end-to-end visibility across your supply chain

Understand what’s really happening in your supply chain

Once your digital supply chain twin is up and running, Axon Observe is the must-have solution for achieving full end-to-end visibility over every level of your network, capturing both the breadth and depth of your complex operations.

Gain complete monitoring of your supply chain:
Observed parameters

Your supply chain questions answered

  • What does our supply chain network look like?
  • What are the detailed E2E product flows?
  • Does our planning master data reflect reality?
  • Where can we reduce the E2E lead time?
  • What is supplier adherence to our SLAs?
  • How much variability is in our supply chain?

True supply chain insights

  • Achieve full visibility between sites and across departments
  • Track product flows across source systems from the global down to batch and order level
  • Investigate historic, current and future supply chain flows
  • Monitor E2E parameters across systems
  • Visualize critical parameters such as lead time, capacity, stock, CO2 emission, and many more
  • Track supply chain variability and reductions
Axon Observe | The network
Axon E2E metrics chart

Up-to-date monitoring

  • Evaluate operational performance per department in an E2E way
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Monitor the effectiveness of improvement projects
  • Track target adherence
  • Compare performance against benchmark brands, locations, etc.
  • Receive exception-based alerts

Turbocharge your reference data

  • Validate & synchronize your APS master data
  • Generate demonstrated performance metrics
  • Assess E2E brand parameters across systems
  • Predict future supply chain parameters
  • Standardize & harmonize data across sites & departments
  • Detect potential anomalies upfront
Axon lead time adherence chart

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Providing end-to-end visibility on:

  • View and understand your network hierarchy and flows
  • Verify and monitor the accuracy and completeness of your digital supply chain twin business representation
  • Receive automated alerts about important anomalies or trends
Master data governance
  • Connect with third party enterprise applications
  • Import static, dynamic and predictive data in near-real-time
  • Check demonstrated performance against master data parameters
Reliability monitoring
  • Assess process performance variability for each supply chain activity, team, etc. across the E2E flow
  • Identify improvement actions and monitor their impact over time
Supply chain scorecards
  • Report on your performance and compare against your targets
  • Report and overlay different perspectives on your operations: financial, process, service, etc.
Financial reporting
  • Support monthly/quarterly/yearly closing reports with supply chain data (inventory in transit, etc.)
  • Get a complete E2E view of supply chain costs and value
Value stream mapping
  • Analyse the current state of your network map, performance and (key) metrics at various levels of aggregation
  • Analyse potential future states (see also Simulation) and compare with actual or alternative scenarios
  • Identify and remove or reduce waste and quality issues with the goal to increase productivity, and efficiency
ESG reporting
  • Understand your ecological footprint
  • Provide transparency in business processes, product lifecycles and financial flows
  • Review relationships with key stakeholders: suppliers, external manufacturers and customers
Product compliance
  • Monitor if supply chain execution adheres to directives, regulations and standards
  • Support the creation of evidence for internal and external purposes (government, taxes, etc.)
  • Define risk mitigation actions in case of non-conformance or compliance
Complaint handling
  • Trace the product flow in a fast & efficient way supported by a single DT model
  • Identify the context & get access to the facts quickly

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