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Gartner EMEA highlights: Bluecrux & Sanofi lead the way in AI-driven supply chain innovation

Earlier this month, 15 members of the Bluecrux team traveled to Barcelona for the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium|Xpo 2024. The event, which brought together more than 3,500 professionals from around the world, was an extraordinary experience from top to bottom.

Bluecrux’s joint session with Sanofi

One of the standout moments of the symposium was Bluecrux’s joint on-stage presentation with Sanofi. We successfully drew in 366 participants, making it the most attended session at the event. The focus of our presentation was on the use of Bluecrux’s Axon digital supply chain twin as a key component of Sanofi’s AI strategy. By integrating Axon, Sanofi has established a comprehensive digital value chain model that enhances operational capabilities across various domains.

Bluecrux and Sanofi present at Gartner EMEA 2024 in Barcelona.

Our collaboration has laid the groundwork for building AI applications that redefine industry standards. During the session, we explored how Sanofi has harnessed AI to meet and exceed its business objectives, including achieving a fully connected, data-driven and digitally accelerated supply chain. This partnership exemplifies how AI can drive significant operational efficiency and innovation.

The level of engagement at our session is a testament to the robust and effective relationship we have cultivated with Sanofi and how we’re truly transforming supply chain together.

Community dinner

We were also happy to be able to bring together more than 40 members of our Cutting X community for a dinner with a 360° view of Barcelona. This gathering was not only about enjoying good food but also about fostering deeper connections and discussing future collaborations. It was a historic moment for our company, marking the largest dinner gathering in Bluecrux history and strengthening our sense of community.

Booming Bluecrux booth

Our booth was a hive of activity throughout the three days of the symposium. AI and digital twins attracted a lot of interest, leading to 45 demonstrations of our Axon technology. On average, we conducted 15 demos per day, showcasing our digital supply chain twin’s many use cases and capabilities. The enthusiasm and engagement from visitors underscored the growing interest in digital transformation within the industry.

Post-event reflection & action

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium|Xpo 2024 was a platform for learning, networking and showcasing our capabilities. The insights and connections we gained will undoubtedly drive further innovation and excellence at Bluecrux. We are excited to take these learnings back and implement them to enhance our solutions.

Thank you to everyone who made Gartner EMEA such a success. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates and future adventures with Bluecrux! And, don’t forget to reach out for a demo of our technologies, Axon and Binocs, or to chat with one of our consulting experts. We can’t wait to work with you!