Axon Webinars

Discover what Axon can do for your business with our Webinars and online demos.

  • The digital supply chain twin – connected planning

    Learn how you can build a digital supply chain twin with Axon's crawling algorithms & process mining and see how the technology works in practice.
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  • Probabilistic planning with the Axon digital supply chain twin

    Learn to calculate the risk of achieving your supply chain performance goals.
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  • Anomaly detection in your supply chain with Axon

    Learn how Axon determines the scope and scale of anomaly impact and how you can take control.
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  • Smart parameters to turbocharge your planning solutions

    Learn how your organization can reduce departmental lead time variability & increase site reliability.
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  • Absorbing SC variability with Axon’s digital twin

    Discover how the Axon digital supply chain twin can support your organization in creating better plans with smart parameters.
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  • The need for probabilistic planning?

    Discover thought leader’s perspective on the importance of risk and probability as the fourth dimension for Nextgen supply chain orchestration.
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