Your pilot twin in 12 weeks

This isn’t our first rodeo! Our team of experts can help you to build up your digital supply chain twin in a data driven way. Available to you in no time!

Think big

  • At Axon, we’re about more than just the technology
  • Our first job is to fully understand how a digital twin can be transformational for your business
  • Our approach exists at the intersection of the physical, the digital and the mental, combining cutting edge software with people and processes
  • We aim to provide the most comprehensive decision support for your supply chain management, fueled by your insights and our expertise

Start small

  • Our first job is to fully understand how a digital twin can be transformational for your business
  • That’s why we offer to build a pilot digital twin customized to your business in only 12 weeks
  • Using your data we will provide an end-to-end single functional model and initial performance insights for a couple of product groups.

Scale fast

Ready to move beyond initial insights?

  • We will rapidly:
    • Scale-up your business scope
    • Enhance your digital twin with more data sources
    • Expand your supply chain network
    • Introduce new business use and value cases
    • Increase the number of users accessing your data and insights
  • Our wave-based scaling enables small but quick deployments every 6 to 8 weeks to seamlessly complement and augment your operations without a big bang

Supply chain experts

  • Axon is developed by Bluecrux, the definitive supply chain specialist
  • We have an impressive proven track record developed over more than 10 years of doing what we do best
  • Our diverse team is a unique blend of supply chain consultants, technical consultants, software engineers and data specialists
  • For us, the software is only half the job – it’s just as much about the team, the people and the close collaboration
  • That’s what makes Axon
    • more than just another supply chain solution
    • more than just a general data visualization software
    • more than a generic AI/ML platform

Ready to start your journey?